Amazon workers in Germany begins strike action

Workers at the world’s largest eCommerce company, Amazon in Germany will begin their strike action if all other things remain equal.

Amazon workers in Germany will start a strike action from Sunday (yesterday) for a minimum of two days within this week.

According to Germany’s labour union called Verdi, the strike which has been tagged: ‘No more discount on our incomes”, will coincide with Amazon’s Prime Day when the U.S. online retail giant offers its ‘Prime’ customers discount deals.

“While Amazon fuels bargain hunting on Prime Day with hefty discounts, employees are being deprived of a living wage,” Verdi retail specialist Orhan Akman said in a statement.

Verdi said the strikes would hit Amazon’s sites in Werne, Rheinberg, Leipzig, Graben, Koblenz, as well as at Amazon’s two sites in Bad Hersfeld.

“The company must finally recognize the collective wage agreements for the retail and mail order sectors,” Akman said. “Wages and salaries at Amazon must no longer be determined in the style of a lord of the manor.”

According to Amazon, Germany is its second-biggest market after the United States. However, the eCommerce giant has faced serious challenges in the market especially with its local labour force who embarked on serious strike action in 2013.


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