Hackers have stolen $32 million cryptos from BitPoint


Today is not exactly a good day for many cryptocurrency owners using the services of BitPoint. The exchange has just reported that hackers have hit its systems.

According to an official statement the Japanese exchange, about $32 million worth digital currencies have been taking away.

For many of its customers, BitPoint was very explicit that it “has identified an unauthorized outflow of virtual currency at a virtual currency exchange. At the same time, we have completely stopped services, including the opening of new accounts, and are working hard to find out the cause, identify the outflow, and minimize damage.”

It seems the problem and the damage done by the hackers was far beyond its expectations. BitPoint said in a follow-up message that it has “stopped the remittance (sending) and receiving (depositing) services from 6:30, but we will stop all services including transactions and sending and receiving from around 10:30.”

“We apologize for the great inconvenience to our customers, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation,” the statement said.

The exchange has also suspended every form of access to its website, exchange and trading software without committing to the time and dates it could resume operations across withdrawal and deposit transactions.

“We will post information on our website from time to time on the website, so it is hoped that customers will carefully check the announcement from us,” the statement said.

There is no information as to the ratio of what and what cryptocurrency was stolen by the hackers. Prior to the hack, BitPoint provides trading in JPY trading for Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. However, NullTX said in a news report that there are indications that hackers took more of Bitcoin Cash.

The news of hacking incidence on digital currency exchange is no longer new. However, there are recent concerns on the scale at which hackers targets exchanges, the level of damage and losses suffered as a result.