Sweden probes Tele2 network outages


Swedish authorities said they are now investigating a national outage in the service of Tele2.

Tele2 is Sweden’s second largest telecoms company with operations across the Baltic region.

Sweden’s National Post and Telecom Agency said it will investigate the outages which disrupted communication as well emergency numbers across the country.

A spokesperson for the telecoms regulator said:

“PTS will therefore thoroughly review what has happened and why, what Tele2 has done to solve the problems, and what the company is doing so that it doesn’t happen again.”

A spokesperson for Tele2 told Reuters that the outages were caused by hardware and software which affected fixed, mobile and IP-based calls.

Tele2 said it welcomed the review. The outage is similar to the network blackout experienced in the Netherlands after Royal KPN network went blank last month causing major panic and disruption to emergency and essential services.

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