U.S authorities clears Facebook HQ of sarin attack


The panic created earlier today at the Facebook Inc’s headquarters over possible exposure to sarin nerve agent could be a hoax.

There was hysteria earlier today that a package at its mail facility could contain the nerve agent.

Sarin is a toxic nerve agent used as a chemical weapon. The toxic compound disrupts the nervous system and exposure can be fatal.

A fire department responder told Reuters that “The (Facebook) facility tests all of the packages that come in and they had a positive test, so they just initiated their standard protocol. Now we’re just waiting to verify whether that’s true or not.”

Facebook said in a statement that:

“Authorities have not yet identified the substance found. As of now, three of the evacuated buildings have been cleared for repopulation.”

However, after thorough checks, Jon Johnston, fire marshal for the city of Menlo Park in California where Facebook is based told Reuters that:

“There is no sarin,” he told Reuters, referring to the package that had erroneously tested positive.

The deadliest sarin attack was in 1995 by a Japanese cult group. The attack killed 13 people with several thousand of injuries.