Germany fines Facebook 2 million euros


Germany’s Federal Office of Justice has wielded its hammer on Facebook Inc.

In a statement filed by the German authorities, Facebook was found guilty of distorting the amount of illegal information on the social network, a violation of the country’s law on internet transparency.

The German ministry said the provision of incomplete information on illegal content on Facebook ‘created a skewed picture’.

Facebook has received international backlash in its role and how its social network was used for election propaganda as well as uses that contravene several election laws across the U.S., Philipines, UK as well as Nigeria.

As a result of history with authoritarian rule and hate speech, Germany has one of the world’s strictest privacy and hate speech laws, latterly combined with some of the strictest social media regulations.

Facebook has not commented on the decision of the German Justice office.

Last year, Facebook said it received about 1,000 complaints. In contrast, to Facebook, Google’s YouTube and Twitter disclosed that it has over one million within the same period.

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