Crypto exchange ShapeShift plans to list Facebook’s Libra


If the statement of ShapeShift’s founder is anything to go by, then, the cryptocurrency exchange could be the first openly expressing interest and willing to support it.

Founder of ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees said the exchange will look to support the token given its advantage to crypto ecosystem and it ability to scale and build a culture for digital currency adoption.

At the Bitcoin2019 monitored by CoinDesk, Erik said there is a space for Libra but it’s eventual launch could be different what is in its white paper.

Like he said ‘it is too early’ to know how it will be executed but he is willing to integrate.

“I’m very excited that Libra isn’t just on a one-on-one parity with the dollar,”

“One of the effects is that people, specially Americans, will start to get more comfortable with a coin that is a little bit more powerful versus the dollar,” Erik said.

The latest support could market the digital currency community have an alternative part for Libra to get more positive perception from existing digital currency uesers.

Facebook unveiled Libra last week that it will be launching its digital currency Libra by the second half of next year stating its node will accessed and confirmed by special partners who are members of Switzerland-based Libra Association.

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