Google to spend $1.14 billion more on Dutch datacenters


Alphabet’s Google Inc has announced that it plans to spend about $1.14 billion additional investment on its data centers in the Netherlands.

Google also said the funds will build a new facility in Middenmeer.

The announcement is coming a few months after Google said it was spending about 1.11 billion to build and expand its data center in Eemshaven, Netherlands.

Joe Kava, Google’s chief of data centers, told Reuters that the two sites will employ around 500 people once they are built.

Google has ramped up its investment o datacenters. Last month the tech giant announced that it will spend an estimate of $600 million on a new datacentre it plans to build in Finland.

The datacentre is located in Hamina, a formal paper mill the company converted to a datacentre in 2009.