Huawei sues US Commerce Department over seized equipment

China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has just filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Commerce Department after its network equipments were seized in America.

Huawei said it shipped a computer server and Ethernet devices to a testing laboratory in California, the company said devices were seized on its way back to China at the Alaska Airport.

The company said it made no application for a license was made because none was needed.

However, the Chinese telecoms giant said the U.S. Commerce Department has not given any clarity on why the devices were seized despite the fact that no law was broken.

“The equipment, to the best of HT USA’s knowledge, remains in a bureaucratic limbo in an Alaskan warehouse,” the company said.

Huawei said in its lawsuit filing that the U.S. Commerce Department either released the equipment for shipment or for the Commerce Department to decide that it was shipped illegally.

Trouble started for Huawei with the U.S. after the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker was placed in the ‘Entity List’ an order to that means Huawei cannot do business in and with any American company without special approval by the government.

The U.S. had accused Huawei of been an appendage of the Chinese government and intelligence agencies. Huawei had denied all allegations.

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