China summons foreign tech firms over US Huawei ban


There are indications that China is taking major steps to reduce the adverse effect of the US ban on Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

People familiar with the matter have now confirmed that the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), has now summoned a meeting with foreign tech firms.

According to a report by Reuters News, the meeting seeks to discuss the Huawei ban with the tech firms and that the tone of the meeting was ‘conciliatory’.

Last week, China’s NDRC announced that it could soon release its list of ‘unreliable’ technology suppliers, a move that could mean a technical ban or restriction of their services and business in China.

A person linked with Microsoft Inc. said the meeting was not combative but conciliatory. However, Microsoft refused to comment on the matter.

Earlier today, we reported that the White House Office of Management and Budget is now seeking that the ban should be phased in order to protect American contractors who do business with Huawei.

This is coming a few weeks after the US placed Huawei on its ‘Entity List’ alongside over 68 affiliates, a law that bans Huawei from doing business in and with an American company.

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