Google warns Huawei ban risks US national security


Alphabet Inc’s Google has issued a sweeping warning to the US on the potential danger posed by a total ban on Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

While Google had announced it will be forced to remove Huawei from updates on its Android mobile operating system (OS), the tech giant said a total ban on Huawei could be counterproductive.

Huawei had announced it could launch its own mobile OS with the code name Hongmeng but could be called ‘Ark OS’, a move that came as a surprise to money people. Last week, we reported that Huawei could unveil the supposed OS this June should the US sanctions on the company remain.

This is exactly what Google does not want to happen. According to a report by Financial Times, FT, Google has raised its concerns that a Chinese version of its Android OS could be very easy to hack thereby putting the US national security at risk.

Huawei has not officially responded to the concerns of Google.

Three weeks ago, the US added Huawei and its 68 affiliates on its ‘Entity List’, an infamous list preventing all companies on it from doing business in the US or with any American companies