UK can’t ban Huawei until replacement is found – PM candidate Hancock

It is now getting clearer that the UK may not be placing a ban on Huawei at least in the immediate.

The direction was hinted by British Prime Minister candidate Matt Hancock said the UK cannot ban Huawei Technologies Co Ltd until a British home-grown replacement is found.

His position was cited by The Telegraph UK.

Hancock was quoted to have said that he will point to the UK’s defense industry as proof of what can be done by a government prepared to create the right market conditions.

His position is coming close the position of Prime Minister Theresa May who said through her spokesperson yesterday that the UK is reviewing the ‘right policy’ to adopt.

The UK’s much needed response is coming in as President Trump goes on an official visit to the UK to show support for it’s Brexit negotiations with the European Union.

The US had placed China’s Huawei Technologies Co LTD. in its ‘Entity List’, a status that means the telecoms company is banned from doing business in the United States and with any American company.

Spokesperson for the office of the Prime Minister was quoted by Reuters saying:

“The prime minister will be clear in setting out the UK’s position. We are obviously reviewing the right policy approach at the moment. The prime minister and others have been clear that any decision that we take will be supported by a hard-headed, technically informed assessment of the risk.”

Political analysts are of the view that Trump could use a sweetened trade deal with the UK to pressure it in blocking out Huawei from its 5G telecommunication network.

Moreover, the UK has already started using Huawei’s equipment in its 5G network which was launched last week.