No show for Huawei, Norway awards 5G contract to Telenor, Telia and Ice


In major breaking news, Norway has just awarded the building of its 5G telecommunication network to a consortium led by Telenor, Telia and Ice.

The award shows Norway could be part of the countries who have kowtowed to US pressure to shun Huawei’s 5G telecommunication equipment.

The Norwegian telecoms authority confirmed earlier today (Wednesday).

The US has banned Huawei and it has carried out a major campaign to demarket the Chinese telecoms giant calling it a national security risk because of its alleged links to the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, as well as China’s intelligence agency.

Nokia says it has leapfrogged Huawei in 5G orders

While Huawei has denied the allegations, the US has further used the Huawei blacklist as a major bargaining chip to get better trade deals with the Chinese government.

The latest win by the Telenor consortium shows the 5G telecoms market will be more competitive going forward. Earlier this week, Nokia reported that it has surpassed Huawei in 5G network contract orders.