Amazon acquires adserver startup, Sizmek

Jeff Bezos-Amazon

Global eCommerce giant, Amazon Inc, has just acquired, Sizmek, an adserver startup.

The company provides ad serving and dynamic content optimization businesses. Amazon is looking at using its technology to challenge Google and Facebook in the online advertising market.

TechCrunch quoted Amazon and Sizmek’s statement on the acquisition:

“Sizmek and Amazon Advertising have many mutual customers, so we know how valued these proven solutions are to their customer base,” Amazon said. “Sizmek has been searching for a buyer for Sizmek Ad Server and Sizmek DCO, and we are both committed to continuing serving their customers at the high standards they’ve come to expect.”

Amazon hopes to keep the company running independently before it will be merged into its operations.

Amazon did not disclose the value of the acquisition, however, Sizmek was a struggling company before its acquisition. The company declared bankruptcy recently despite its first quarter result where its revenue grew 34% to $2.7 billion.

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