Trump’s security adviser ‘pressures’ UK to ban Huawei


President Donald Trump is not relenting in his plan to rally US allies in boycotting Huawei Technologies Co.

Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton is now suggesting the US could be pressuring the United Kingdom to follow its footsteps in banning the Chinese telecoms giant from equipment supply.

He told reporters during his visit to London that “I’m not sure that this decision has reached the prime ministerial level in final form. I mean we are still talking… people are talking back and forth,”

He warned that Huawei possesses ‘back doors’ in its 5G technology equipment and such pose security risks to countries using its equipment.

He told Reuters that “I think everybody is catching up to the dangers posed, especially in 5th-generation telecommunications systems, by equipment from Huawei and potentially others that can allow foreign governments a back door into telecommunications systems.”

The US has been rallying international allies to ban Huawei equipment especially the company’s 5G network which was rolled out in the UK earlier today.

Huawei has denied any back doors in its system. Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s founder and the chief executive officer said the UK gave it a clean bill of health after several audits were done.