Huawei’s HongMeng, ‘Ark OS’ could hit the market anytime


Have you heard about Ark OS? Well, the name is similar to something you are used to, but not exactly the same thing.

China’s Huawei Technologies Co. might be faster in remedying its Google Android ban. People close to the matter said Huawei could unveil its HongMeng operating system (OS) sooner than expected.

With the speculation that the new name could be ‘Ark OS’, Google’s ban might have less impact on the world’s second largest smartphone maker.

Last week, reported that Huawei has a plan B to prevent Google’s ban on its devices from wrecking its system. The HongMeng OS which is likely to be called ‘Ark OS’ could be launched in June, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Anonymous sources who claimed to have seen some of the screenshots of the OS, claimed that the Ark OS will be very similar to the Google Android OS and there are speculations that it can run Android apps.

Huawei’s nightmare started when the US escalated its trade war with China by placing a ban on Huawei. Despite selected ease in the ban, several strategic partners of Huawei have either cut ties with the telecoms giant or put it under review.

China is also fighting back in defense of Huawei. Earlier today, the country suspended its orders of American soybean. China is the world’s largest consumer of the commodity and America is the world’s largest exporter. China’s move could hurt American farmers despite a drop in China’s soy demand, the embargo could crash the price of soybean on the global market.