China’s research coy snubs US tech association on Huawei ban


China’s technology research group, The China Computer Federation, CCF, has severed ties with America’s engineer association over Huawei ban.

Recently, America escalated its trade war with China after it banned Huawei Technologies Co. from doing business with any US company.

CCF said it will sever all future partnerships with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE.

In a message monitored on WeChat, CCF criticized the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) that:

“The IEEE was once considered an open international academic organization, an academic community of practitioners in the information technology field, with members from all over the world, including China,” the CCF wrote.

“But this time we regret to see that its Communications Society (ComSoc) has restricted the activities of its members on the grounds of local laws, which seriously violates the open, equal and non-politicized nature of being an international academic organization.”

This further escalation appears to be a tit-for-tat scenario. This is because the IEEE was the first party to throw the first salvo. Yesterday, the body said it had excluded the Chinese body from its peer review research project.

Earlier today, we reported that China said it could ban all rare earth exports to the US. China has also suspended all its soybean orders from the US, a major blow to the American agriculture sector. China is the world’s largest consumer of soybean for feedings its pig herds.