Sports Betting: Is It Worth Your Time?

Online industries both in Nigeria and further afield are currently experiencing a boom phase as more and more Nigerians gain access to the internet as well as those associated web-based markets. From investments to forays into social media, the average every day person is finding a new world and a new way to communicate and to make money.

What is Sports Betting?

There are a number of ways in which you can make money from your time spent online, and one of the most popular is something known as sports betting. The art of betting on the outcome of a contest is nothing new and in fact, there is evidence to show that the practice has been around for millennia. Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, no matter where you look, you’re bound to find evidence of people betting on the outcome of an event or contest.

Among the oldest of these are the gladiatorial contests of Ancient Rome, as spectators would often gamble on the outcome of a bloody match to the death between two or more gladiators. While this ancient practice is often seen as barbaric in today’s modern and somewhat more sophisticated world, the intensity and the thrill of the bet is most certainly still the overriding factor worthy of consideration.

An equally ancient albeit, more socially acceptable form of sports betting, is horse racing. Often referred to as the sport of kings, horse racing attracts millions of punters around the world on a daily basis. In fact, since the advent of the online or internet-based sportsbook, being able to put a few dollars on a horse race halfway around the world is as easy as ordering a burger from MacDonald’s.

Sports betting online is today’s equivalent of going down to your local race track or tote to spend the day betting on the horses. However, the modern online sportsbook is also far more than just a place to bet on horses. A betting shop is basically the sports betting version of a casino. A place where you can go and spend money betting on the outcome of a variety of games or contests.

However, before the internet came along, people who wanted to gamble at a casino or place a bet on a football match faced the same basic problem. If there was no actual casino or betting shop in their town or city, they were pretty much out of luck. The internet literally saved the day when the first online casinos and online sportsbooks opened their virtual doors, catering to eager customers from all four corners of the globe.

How to Bet at an Online Sportsbook

The online sports betting industry has grown in leaps and bounds in a staggeringly short space of time (a little over two decades) and is one of the biggest cash-generating virtual industries in the world today. Every second of every day, someone is signing up to an online sportsbook, depositing some of their cash, and eagerly browsing through the seemingly endless betting options that are available to them.

Signing up with an online sportsbook is a surprisingly simple process and if you’ve ever opened a Twitter or Facebook account, you’ll already be well-equipped to sign up with a leading online sportsbook. Of course, since you more than likely will be betting for real money, you’ll need to ensure that your banking details are in order and that you complete the all-important KYC or Know Your Customer requirements.

Once the paperwork is out of the way, you can think about funding your new player account and, at the same time, taking advantage of any specials or bonus offers that might be up for grabs. Online sportsbooks are very similar to online casinos insofar as they both feature cash bonuses for new players. These cash bonuses are a great way to get a good head start while you are still testing out the waters. However, with most sportsbooks, the form of a bonus will often take the form of a few free bets, which you can use on a variety of sports such as football (soccer), basketball and so forth.

Popular Sports Worth Betting On

Of course, when it comes to sports, everything is subjective – you like what you like. However, to be successful at sports betting, it may be wise to think of it more as a business decision, rather than following your heart or your passion.

For example, the most popular sporting code in the world today is football, also known as soccer in some parts of the world. Football is played by millions of players around the world, and is viewed by even more. Games are viewed in person at dedicated football stadiums, at home via live broadcasts, or online via live streaming services. In fact, leading online sportsbooks will include a live feed of the game that you are betting on, so you can follow the action without having to take your attention away from your bets.

Other sports worth betting on include US and international basketball, ice hockey, horse racing, motor sports, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), cricket, golf, tennis, rugby and many others. A key feature to look out for if you are betting on live matches is the live betting option. The name varies depending on the sportsbook, but most use the term ‘In-Play’ to describe the option that allows you to bet on a match or game that is already underway.

With most of these services, you can also watch a live stream of the game and even add additional bet based on the events that are unfolding on the field. Another excellent feature is the Cash Out feature, which actually allows you to salvage a lost bet if the team that you were pinning your hopes on seems to be heading for a disastrous outcome.

Is Sports Betting Worth it?

All in all, considering how many sports are available, as well as the incredible user features made possible by today’s technology, one would have to say yes, online sports betting is certainly worth your time. However, as with anything, exercise common sense, only use reputable sportsbooks, and take advantage of every possible feature that you can for the most positive and fruitful results.


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