China makes case for ease of Huawei ban


The Chinese government has confirmed that it has sought the audience of the United States to rescind its ban on Huawei, its largest technology company.

Chinese authorities said it ‘lodged solemn representations with the United States’.

Reuters News cited China’s Commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng who at a weekly briefing said that China will take steps to help its companies improve their ability to cope with risks.

He said China hoped that the United States will behave rationally and correct its dangerous actions.

Huawei has received a series of ban and cuts in its partners across the US and its ally countries after President Trump signed an executive order banning the company from operating and doing business with the United States.

One of the major blow was the ban of Huawei smartphones from the Google Android operating system (OS) platform, a major issue for Huawei that is already making it plan for the launch of its own OS called Hongmeng.