Marek Zmyslowski fires back at estranged Nigerian ‘Godfather’ investors


After receiving salvos and several allegations of fraud, money laundering and unethical practices from his estranged ‘Godfather’ investors, Marek Zmyslowski, has replied his critics.

In a new medium post to refuted all the allegations thrown at him in this Medium post. Marke has now provided his alleged evidence to prove his innocence.

The article is reproduced below:

On February 14th, 2019 I have finally revealed to the public knowledge my 18 months long fight with Interpol Abuse and Corrupted Nigerian Police, acting as a tool in hands powerful Nigeria based businessman, my former business partner.

In my post, I went hard on corruption, provided plenty of sources about the state of corruption in Nigeria to back up my personal experience. I finished my post however with a very clear statement. The people that abused the law had non-African passports. If it wasn’t for the Nigerian Federal Court, and for the Nigerians who helped me, I wouldn’t have been able to win many of the battles ahead of me.

In short, the story goes like this. My local business partner (I call him also the Nigerian investor or “The Godfather”, altough I never specified all his nationalities), being the smallest investor among all of us, tried together with my CFO to take over my company. They failed, because all the other shareholders, the rest of the management team and the local staff came to my defense. The damaging actions of the CFO and the investor almost made the company go bankrupt, scared of potential investors, and paralyzed the company for months. The CFO was fired, the Godfather was offered a fair cash out. He refused, didn’t show up for board meetings. Instead, he decided to get the money he wanted directly from me, with the help of police he bribed. I was arrested based on totally false allegations and afterward offered “help” by “the Godfather’s” proxies. They said the case will disappear if I pay. Unsurprisingly, the amount wanted by the proxies was twice the amount invested by The Godfather, which was exactly how much he demanded from me before.

At the very beginning of my problems with the CFO and “the Godfather”, when I was already suspecting they are planning to take over the company, I started thoroughly documenting all my communication with them. I continued it when I was meeting their representatives and discussing the payment of the ransom for my freedom. This now a very valuable piece of evidence, that unfortunately many Nigeria based journalists are too afraid to report on. I understand their fears and I can’t blame them.

The truth of the matter is, the situation is getting out of hand for the GodFather. It was supposed to be a quick and easy move. An arrest warrant based on fake testimony no one ever verified. I was supposed to be arrested in Nigeria, on “the Godfather’s” ground, put in Nigerian jail, stay there for a couple of days, get shaken a bit. I would sign any paper they would give me, pay any amount of money, just to get out.
But now the case got public and the Nigerian investor is desperately looking for a new angle to save his face. Now he says the Nigerian company is not worth anything because I defrauded it (the very company he wanted so much to take over a couple of months back).

At one of my meetings (that I’ve recorded) with “The Godfather” representative in Warsaw in July 2017, she said:
“You’ve had good PR so far. He can change that”.
She, of course, said the Godfather’s real name on the record.

On February 21st, 2019, a libel action in a form of a defaming blog post emerged, accusing me of fraud (link) A lot of people on social media, jumped in excitement on the wagon to crucify me. Many people in Nigeria didn’t like my activity in their country. Many local tech entrepreneurs didn’t like the fact that a white person is promoting their country better than they are. I was their competition for business, spotlight, and attention from foreign investors. All their negative experiences (often very valid) with white people got channeled against me. The defamation post was their blessing they were waiting for. The Post was written by a person not known personally to me, whose connection to the case remains unknown. The author refuses to date to answer questions from numerous journalists about his involvement in the case (link). He seems to be the frontman of the Nigerian side, who are too afraid to come out personally. The libel post was written in an eloquent manner, contained many screenshots. It made an impression of a serious piece of evidence.

The truth is, this libel post it’s neither serious, nor it contains any evidence. In fact, is full of lies, half-truths, and contradictions. Let’s deal with them one by one.

To begin with, I want to state that I respect non-disclosure agreements, personal rights and/or personal data of all people involved. For this reason, even if it does not help to defend myself to the full extent and/ or explain my position in the simplest manner, at this stage, due to binding laws, I will not disclose all of the evidence so far gathered by. So-called “calling out” maybe a morally good thing for many Nigerians, but it’s not according to the law. I will happily disclose all the evidence as soon as possible, in the light of the law, and in the courtroom, if I ever get a chance to.

  1. First of all, it needs to be underlined that the Nigerian investor (“the Godfather”), despite numerous threats to initiate criminal and civil proceedings against me or Hotel Online company in Poland or elsewhere in European Union, failed to do so. However, I’m still waiting for his (their) actions which allow me to clean up those baseless allegations in court. The only proceedings conducted against me is Police investigation in Nigeria and the arrest warrant issued by an incompetent and corrupt court, upon which Red notice was given by Interpol, which has a long history of being abused by the corrupted state. A problem I have described thoroughly in my post from Feb 14th.
  2. According to the scrutiny assessment of the Polish Prosecutor, which carefully examined and revised the case initiated by the extradition request sent by Nigeria in consequence of Red notice issued by Interpol, upon which I was arrested for 24 hours in Poland, evidence on which the accusation is based in Nigeria is completely insufficient to initiate criminal proceedings in Poland. Thus, in the opinion of the Polish Prosecutor’s office, I am an innocent person and the evidence provided by the Nigeria side (both Nigerian investor and the Nigerian Police) are unreliable.
  3. Currently, I neither have the status of a suspect nor I am accused of any criminal offense of any kind in Poland or elsewhere in European Union. I am a free man who is pursued by the corrupted Nigerian Police and Ministry of Justice demanding my immediate extradition without any reliable proof of my guilt. This is the realization of the threats addressed at me many times by the Nigerian Investor. As confirmed, the Nigerian investor has a team of professional lawyers in Poland. They for sure had to know that no criminal investigation is conducted against me. The question is why they lied (in the meeting I have recordings from) even in this respect, trying to make an impression that they have something on me?
  4. What is missing in the Nigerian side version — The Polish company Hotel Online (HO) and I financed the activities of the Nigerian company Hospitality Technology Solutions (HTS). The Polish company lent the Nigerian company USD 50,000. I have personally paid on behalf of HTS (besides the initial investment) to its creditors or employees over USD 165,000 USD.

Proof: Link to bank transfers and cash receipts for all my 2016 payments for the benefit of Hospitality Technology Solutions (a total of USD 165,000)

I was by far the biggest investor and financial supporter of both entities. On top of that, although being the CEO of HTS, I have refused to be paid salaries, to help the companies in the hard times. The total amount of financial resources transferred by the Polish company and myself is by far higher than the entire capital commitment of Nigerian investor (or Investors — depending on how they are trying to present it). The Godfather invested USD 150,000 USD. Nevertheless, he wanted almost USD 300,000 to be paid for giving up further illegal actions with the essential help of corrupt Nigerian police. It shows the reality of doing business with them.

5. Expedia– the company mentioned a few times by Nigerian Investor defamation post — was the business partner of the Polish company Hotel Online so it was bound to make payments directly to Hotel Online, and not Hospitality Technology Solutions.The USD was sent then to my private bank account in Nigeria, which then allowed my exchange the money to Naira, using a better rate than the one offered by banks. The Naira then landed in HTS bank account, which is proven in the bank transfers receipts from my personal bank account (see proof above in point 4). All the investors and co-founders were aware of this setup. At the same time, Hotel Online also paid the amounts owed by HTS to, totaled at USD 6,000. Which is even shown in the bank statement in the defamation post, however, the author does not mention that.

Proof: Email correspondence from Expedia dated 14 September 2016

6. Allegations based on the Shareholder Agreement (SHA), screenshots from which emerged in the libel action post, are completely baseless. I’m waiting for the civil process to be instigated against me if I breached any civil contract. There are a few arguments worth to mention.

  • The agreement referred in the defamation post is not the true shareholder agreement, as the real shareholder to the HTS was not Marathon Real Estate Company, so it cannot be the party to the shareholder agreement. The real shareholder to HTS was the “Godfather” personally. Everyone can easily check it on the internet.
  • Polish Hotel Online — was incorporated a year before the conclusion of the mentioned agreement. No one can object against its existence and information about its shareholder as this is publicly known. You can easily check it on the internet. There were no misleading or fraudulent acts of myself against Nigeria side, as everything was disclosed from the very beginning. There is no obligation in SHA upon which I was obliged to transfer IP rights of Hotel Online company to HTS.
  • The provision in respect of IP rights in SHA, mentioned in Nigerian investor publications, says nothing about the right to which entitled was Hotel Online, incorporated a year before SHA conclusion. It says only that the inventory invented in HTS shall be HTS property. It does not say, inventory of HO shall pass to HTS.
  • There is no direct mention of Polish Hotel Online in the SHA. There is the provision, upon which Nigerian side was entitled to acquire 20% of share capital to be issued in the future, after SHA conclusion, by any affiliated company. In fact, there was no issuance of shares in Hotel Online, so no one could acquire its shares in this mode. It does not refer to existing shares in possession of myself, but to shares to be issued in the future if it happens.
  • In SHA there is a clear provision, that MMB was entitled to remuneration and reimbursement. I was not paid for anything. Does it mean under the SHA I have a claim for a few years of work without any compensation to my Nigerian fellows? I’m waiting for my money then
  • According to the excerpt from the company registry, I had 79% of the shares in HTS and I was the only majority shareholder. By far bigger than “the Godfather”. Should I have a right to initiate and conduct business negotiations about the future of HTS or not? The Answer seems to be obvious
  • Why was “the Godfather” trying to get USD 300,000 personally, if he was not the party to SHA? Is it in compliance with corporate governance he so often mentions?
  • Why have I never received any call to fulfill the SHA and to transfer 20% of shares in HO under the SHA? So even if I complied with Nigerian side demands (regardless of how baseless they are), they would have 13% of shares in Hotel Online. That was in written in SHA interpreted along with the position of Nigerian side. Much too low to have any influence on any decision of HotelOnline Management Board, where I was the CEO (and main shareholder).

Proof: Excerpt from the Commercial Registry of HTS, showing that I’m by far the main investor in the Nigerian entity).

7. Meet the real face of the Nigerian Investor. Confirming that I haven’t done anything wrong and that he had paid of the Nigerian Police and Justice system to force me to pay him money without any legal grounds. He admits he is using his influence to get from me what he wants. This is a part of the phone conversation recording between myself and him from July 2017, where he demanded payment for my freedom amounting up to USD 300,000 USD.

“The Godfather”: They (Nigerian Police -author’s comment ) don’t have a problem. Because we tell them we settle, they all know it was pressure tactics. They all know we did all this because of pressure tactics. They will know we got your money. They all want money, basically. So whichever way, we pay them money to initiate the case, we give them money to close the case. (…) But you have to push this case, in order to get to this level… you have to push it. You’re not an international criminal or terrorist”

“The Godfather”: Your situation is going to get only worse, not better. Because the more wheels are turning. If you can *inaudible* fast, you get on with your life. But the more people that get involved, the more *inaudible*.” I don’t want a situation with someone puts something on your record or something like that it will ruin your life you know.”

“The Godfather”: „What do I get by fucking your life up”?

Marek: Satisfaction maybe?”

“The Godfather”: I only use my power when I require it. In the entire 3 years you knew me, did I use my power? I only use it when I have to use it you know *inaudible* I only use it when it Is required to be used. That’s our culture. you know. (…) Yes I do have power, I do have influence, and that’s partly because I have a lot of money to spend (…) Every letter, Everything we do we have to spend money on it, the foreign minister, the minister of justice, everything is about money right. Nobody did it for free (…)”

“The Godfather”“You’re not a criminal. You’re not (…) You didn’t do anything bad, yea, you had, we had a business decision. There were some issues there. Ok fine. I mean. And also I know that It had something to do with circumstances. You know We all do things because of circumstances. That’s all, you know.”

8. Polish prosecutor applied in writing to Nigeria for presenting evidence (if any) for committing by the alleged crimes to consider extradition almost a year ago. Nigeria has not sent a single answer nor documents in support of its extradition application. Given these questionable activities of Nigerian authorities, which arose fundamental doubts, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Abuja, Nigeria sent a diplomatic note to Nigeria with a request to clarify serious justice issues in Nigeria towards me. Still, to date, there is no response to the diplomatic note.

Proof — The diplomatic note sent by the Embassy of Poland

9. The proceedings conducted by the police in Nigeria are based only on the unreliable testimonies gave by the Nigerian investor and his fellow. The people, who are even not courageous enough to reveal their identity, hiding behind the erased surname, and are currently using a frontman to write defaming articles attacking me. A great example of the fact that the Nigerian Police haven’t done any verification of the accusations, is that it has blindly written in the Interpol Notice, that the Godfather, together with the CFO, have invested a total amount of USD 220,000 USD into the Nigerian entity. This amount put in the Red Notice is an absolute lie. This is why this amount is not mentioned at all in the defamation post, as the author tries to avoid this topic. And this is why the Nigerian side has been doing everything to keep the details of the case confidential (Police not responding, Ministry of Justice not responding, court case documents disappearing, etc), as it shows how the whole case was built. If the Police haven’t done a basic check on such a fundamental thing as the investment amount, you know what to expect with other aspects of this illegal case.

Proof — excerpt from the Red Notice:

Proof: A written statement from my Nigerian lawyer documenting the planned disinformation in the Nigerian Police and Nigerian Magistrate court about my case.

10. The arrest warrant as the cornerstone of the case and the basis for issuing the Red Note by Interpol was issued in Nigeria unlawfully — probably by a local court in Lagos, not by a Federal court, as statues the law, consequently, this arrest warrant is invalid, as issued by an incompetent court. The files of the case are missing. Similarly, the order to freeze my bank accounts as issued by the same incompetent court (local court in Lagos), was declared finally invalid by the Federal Court in Nigeria (first court battle I finally won!). The same shall apply to the arrest warrant upon which the Red Notice was issued by the Interpol. Federal Court in Nigeria revoked and ordered the police to pay me compensation for its illegal activities. We are waiting for winning the second case, for annulment the arrest warrant issued by an incompetent court with obvious infringement of the law and with the help of bribes. This is only a matter of time.

Proof: Link to the Original Order of the Federal High Court Lagos of 23 April 2018 (Full Judgement). Below you can also see the last 2 pages, showing the most important conclusions.

11. The fact that I held shares in the Polish company Hotel Online sp. z o. o. , (where also the Polish investor and polish cofounder had its shares) was disclosed to the Nigerian Investor from the very beginning. The relationship between the Polish and Nigerian companies was transparent and fair from the beginning. The Nigerian company was established as an operational company, and the key to its operational activity was the software built by the developers hired by the Polish company. Nigerian entity was responsible for contracting Nigerian hotels and hiring local staff. That’s where most of the cash burn occurred. Polish entity dealt with international players like Expedia,, HRS, Tripadvisor, and others who (for corporate governance reasons) couldn’t trade with Nigerian companies). Those 2 entities could not operate without each other. Such a vehicle is commonly used in business. This has nothing to do with the desire to deceive the Nigerian partners. Moreover, an auditor was hired, recommended by the Nigerian investor, who was working in Nigeria for a couple of months and was aware of the cash flows between Nigeria and Poland and never claimed any wrongdoings. A fact currently being comfortably “forgotten” by the other side. The Nigerian side is either lying or has hired idiots (lawyers and auditors), who thought that a team of 3–10 developers (depending on the period) was working for free for more than a year. They would also have to think that it’s OK that the Polish investor and the Polish cofounder never requested for any documentation related to their involvement or any shares in the Nigerian entity. They would also have to think that it’s OK that the Nigerian entity is working with Expedia and for months, and facilitates hundreds of bookings per day from these channels, yet there is no cash flow related to it. There are literally hundreds of emails from 2016 and 2017 to support the statement, that the Nigerian side was been aware of both polish and Nigerian operations and entities, that will be presented in court when needed.

Proof: Email from the Godfather to the auditor stating his satisfaction with his work.

12. The Polish company was incorporated in November 2015, before the Investment agreement was signed with Nigerian investor (April 2016) and its existence was publicly known to anybody, as the register is public.Nigerian Investor’s legal team prepared the investment agreement (SHA) and conducted Due Diligence before it. The Nigerian investor knew about the team of polish developers, including Warsaw-based Polish cofounders. He met the Polish cofounder. The Nigerian side cherry picks the facts that fit their current criminal agenda.

11. The Take Over Attempt. Nigerian investor does not recognize the difference between the assets of the Polish Hotel Online company, in which I had a position of a shareholder only, myself and my private property, and the property of the Nigerian company Hospitality Technology Solutions. These three persons have separate property regimes. Nigerian investors wanted to treat — worth to mention completely unjustifiably — a Polish company like their private property (the way their treated HTS). The problem is — Hotel Online was not the party to the SHA and has no legal obligations towards Nigerian investor or HTS. Indeed, Nigerian investors demanded from me to release key assets from the Polish Hotel Online to detriment of the company and its shareholders to cover the losses generated by the Nigerian company and finally transfer everything to a newly formed company to be incorporated in the United States, exposing the Nigerian creditors who get nothing, deceiving the Polish company and its shareholders, reducing my importance in the business. The perfect plan to take over the company. The so-called “settlement” was to serve this purpose, prepared by lawyers hired by Nigerian investor. It proves however, they perfectly knew the software belongs to Hotel Online. Something, they want to object now…

Proof:– E-mails sent by Nigerian Investors and its lawyers dated February and May 2017.

12. When I refused to accept the said “settlement”, Nigerian Investor tone became sharper. In fact, he/they used — as promised — a corrupt, so-called justice system in Nigeria in order to teach me a lesson. The situation of Hospitality Technology Solutions was worse and worse. Parallelly, Nigerian Investor/s, made the new offer, confirmed in e-mail, WhatsApp and SMS messages sent many times to me, to pay them “fee for cancellation of the relationship” amounting to over USD 200,000 (it should be indicated, that amount of money was changing many times, finally reaching the amount of USD 300,000 ! The price for freedom !) with direct threat that if I do not pay, they will organize me hell on the earth. This meant imprisonment in Nigeria, thanks to corrupted judicial system and connection with the Police.

Proof: WhatsApp communications dated 7 of May 2018 between Maciej Prostak (MMB of Hotel Online Sp. zoo) and the Nigerian investor. “Teaching a Lesson”

13. The important proof in this proceeding is also a conversation recording between one of the shareholders of Polish Hotel Online and the Nigerian Investor. I and my co-founder, Maciej Prostak coordinated the work of both companies together and also remained in constant contact with the Nigerian Investor. This conversation comes from the period in which business entered the crisis stage and Maciej Prostak tried to convince Investor about the solutions proposed by myself. In this conversation, Nigerian investor outlined his reservations regarding the way the Hospitality Technology Solutions was managed by me, but he did not accuse me of committing any acts that would give me criminal responsibility, especially misappropriation or deception. This provides further evidence that investors were fully aware of my innocence, and the initiation of criminal proceedings by him resulted only from the fact that the business in which he invested through the affiliated company in the course of the performance of the shareholder agreement concluded between them, myself and Hospitality Technology Solutions Limited failed. The dispute has a merely civil and commercial character, I have never committed any crime. The problem is — no commercial litigation was never instigated against me all over the world as this is obvious for everyone that no contract was broken by me. I wasn’t the part of this conversation so I have no legal right to disclose its details at this stage, but I will happily do so in the courtroom.

14. Regarding the allegation of “leasing Hotel Oga’s vital code” to a potential investor, which were interested in investment at Hospitality Technology Solutions. As a CEO and the only majority stakeholder of both HTS and HO, I had full right to search for measures to save the startup from bankruptcy. I tried in the best way to take actions, which needed to be done quickly and if it had not done, existence of Hospitality Technology Solutions would have been seriously endangered, what actually happened as a result of alleged accusations against me sent by Nigerian Investors directly to Nightsbridge which finally resigned from the transaction and did not lease the source code. The potential deal with Nightsbridge was related to the sales of all Nigerian entity assets (including partner and employees contracts).

Nightsbridge was fully aware of the Polish and Nigerian investors and it was stated clearly in the term sheet, that no deal will happen without the consent of all parties.
The content of the Term Sheet negotiated with Nightsbridge couldn’t suggest clearer, that I had good intentions, and that any deal will go through only with the consent of all the stakeholders, including the Nigerian Investor whose name was mentioned the Term Sheet. I can’t disclose the content of the Term Sheet at this stage as the confidentiality of this document is still binding. I will happily disclose it though in court.

What is most important, the deal never happened, no code was ever leased. The deal with Nightsbridge was discussed only in order to rescue Hospitality Technology Solutions.
Nightsbridge CEO has sent the following e-mail:

we made an offer to pay an amount which we were told would settle Hotel Oga’s immediate debts. (…) We confirm that no intellectual property has been transferred and we are not in possession of any source code or material from the Hotel Oga platform.”

The deal with Nightsbridge never happened, the USD 43,000 deposit paid by them as a way to enter exclusive negotiations (and used to cover company’s debts and people’s salaries) was later returned from my private pocket. This was confirmed by Nightsbridge in writing. It was another time, where I used my private money to help HTS (on top of the USD 165, 000 paid earlier in 2016)

15. I tried to resolve the conflict with “The Godfather” in a friendly way many many times. I answered both to Nightsbridge and Nigerian Investor/s legal representative in the following way:

Your client (Nigerian Investor) has been contacted more than a week ago with a proposal to have a board meeting, in which he hasn’t replied. Let’s try one more time: Kindly inform your customer that the board meeting can be held anytime from tomorrow till Wednesday. Your client can choose the time slot. The board meeting will be held via teleconference solutions (Kindly let me know if you have an issue with that).”

Proof: E-mail correspondence by and between myself, Nightsbridge and Nigerian Investors, dated 14 May 2017.

16. Nigerian Investor/s felt in their impudent and unlawful actions so confidently that bluntly admitted in one of the conversations that the whole case was instigated by him, and that was possible using criminal methods of bribes given to Nigerian officials. At the moment of weakness, or rather belief of their superiority, Nigerian investor directly mentioned that I did not deceive him, but “things got their own life, bribes were given and there is no turning back” and I have to pay almost USD 300,000 to reverse it. (as recorded in one of the phone conversations between us in 2017).

17.No money transfers have ever been made from the Nigerian company Hospitality Technology Solutions to the Polish company Hotel Online sp. z o.o. — as indicated the Nigerian investor in the testimonies and in the notification to which we have reached. The income of Hospitality Technology Solutions was spent entirely only on the operating costs of this company. The Nigerian company had problems with the ongoing payment of its activities, which resulted from the high costs of its operation. That is why I have donated from my personal pocket more than USD 165,000 on its current operations and Polish company Hotel Online lend HTS USD 50,000. On top of it (what was also shown in the bank transfers published by the Nigerian side, HotelOnline made payments on behalf of Nigerian HTS to for the amount of USD 6,000. )

18. The SHA agreements presented in the defamation post was prepared by the Godfather lawyers. Hence, the question arises — why has one sued me so far? The answer is obvious — the lawsuit would not have been successful for the investors, and it is easier to intimidate and prosecute in criminal proceedings, as far as it is more burdensome for the persecuted person. The case is being conducted by the Nigerian police, who has no courage to file the indictment to the Nigerian court, afraid of a spectacular defeat. Interpol does not conduct any case against me, it only issued the Red Notice, as the only international institution competent to do so. It is an automatic procedure, at the request of the Nigerian police, which conducts the case, and officials in Nigeria got bribes for their actions.

19. I am waiting when finally the Nigerian investor, in the opinion of whom I have committed criminal offenses prosecuted by international law, will submit a demand for criminal proceedings to the Polish prosecutor. We are asking them for courage. In Poland, I may also be judged and sentenced to prison. What is stopping them? Lack of evidence? No possibility to corrupt anyone in Poland?

20. What is interesting to notice, is that throughout the whole 2017–2019 period, the Polish lawyers representing the Godfather changed couple times. Did the law firms cease to serve their client as soon as they realized what are his real motivations?

Below, you can see the email I got from the latest (if she hasn’t resigned yet) lawyer representing the Godfather after I got arrested at the airport.

This email suggests a very tight relationship between her client with the Nigerian government bodies. A relationship that allows making a criminal investigation disappear within days. It’s important to notice, that once a criminal investigation is started it’s impossible for the “victim” to undo it just like that. Unless it’s not a real criminal investigation.

I have recordings of my meetings with the polish lawyer representing “the Godfather” proving she had an active role in the extortion, that I will happily present in court and on request of government bodies regulating the attorneys’ activity in Poland.

21. The shareholders and members of the board of the Polish company Hotel Online had comprehensive knowledge about the situation of HTS and Hotel Online. They never raised any objections to me regarding the manner in which I manage the assets and finances of the companies. On the contrary, they confirmed my innocence. Worth to underline is when those statements were made. It was way before the Nigerian Investor instigated his defamation through media war, so these documents are not crafted for the need of an answer. All of the documents mentioned, and many, many, many more, can be presented in its original form, notarized, as the proof they were prepared before this discussion began.

Proof: sworn translated statement signed by President of the MB of Polish Hotel Online,

Proof: a statement signed by a shareholder of Hotel Online,

22. Unfortunately, bribing Nigerian police in Nigeria is not a crime in Poland. So this avenue I can only pursue in Nigeria. My lawyers are however working hard to submit a criminal case in Poland against the Nigerian investor/s and their team for making false accusations, addressing illegal threats and money extortion. Let’s have the Nigerian side explain, how USD 150,000 (if they in fact invested that amount in HTS), doubled to USD 300,000 and why they wanted me to pay them for my freedom and cancellation of criminal investigations and Interpol activity.

A Red Notice after the Nigerian Investor, this time issued in a legal way, from the European Union, might be the taste of the Godfather’s own medicine.

We are also preparing applications to the Polish National Chamber of Legal Advisers for disciplinary proceedings about the involvement of polish attorneys representing the Nigerian side in this blackmail. On top of that, civil lawsuits (in Nigeria, Poland and USA) are being prepared against the people involved with and supporting the Nigerian Investor, whose defamation statements appeared in recent publications.

Libel actions, false statements, bribery, blackmail, and other criminal activities will be mercilessly tracked down and brought to justice.

You have my word.

Marek Zmysłowski

If you are interested in more details about this whole case and my fight for justice, sign up for the book. All of my income from its sales goes to charity initiatives in Nigeria. A country I’m grateful for also a lot of good things that happened in my life.