German cyber police investigates security risks of Huawei


More countries are beginning to look into the potential security risks liked to having Huawei supplying and participating actively in the telecom infrastructure.

According to Reuters News which cited a local news platform, Funke Newspaper, Germany’s cybersecurity agency BSI is investigating whether China’s Huawei Technologies could be a security threat after warnings from other countries, the paper quoted the country’s Economy, Peter Altmaier.

The government currently had no own information on whether the Chinese company could be a security threat, Altmaier was quoted as saying.

Altmaier told Funke that talks on security standards for the mobile network were ongoing, adding that Germany needed to protect itself “in all sensitive areas, from hospitals to telecommunication.”

Huawei has come under a series of scrutiny from various countries who are concerned about the risk of having its broadband and telecom infrastructure leaked to China, the country of origin of Huawei.

While the company has denied that such risks exist, it is currently going through a criminal investigation in the United States over its alleged involvement in bypassing US sanction on Iran to sell telecom equipment to another company that had dealings with Iran.

Huawei is the world’s largest telecom company with presence in almost every part of the world.