7even Interactive clinches Hero Beer advertising

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7even Interactive has won a the keenly contested advertising business pitch of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Nigerian subsidiary, International Breweries’ HERO Beer advertising business.

Nigeria’s 7even Interactive is one of the country’s fastest growing agencies.

The announcement which came as cheering news to the hard-working creative team late last year, will see the agency taking charge of the strategic and creative demands of marketing the Hero lager beer brand in Nigeria’s highly competitive lager beer market.

The pitch which landed the multimillion naira business into 7even Interactive’s kitty, investigations reveal was an unusual two-leg presentation involving a crop of key Nigerian creative shops. After the first set of presentations, there arose the need for the contenders to re-present their ideas to a combined pitch team which had International Breweries’ marketing and the South African Anheuser-Busch InBev’s representatives on the team.

Giving a background to the new business, Taiwo Agboola, Chief Operating Officer, 7even Interactive explained that the process started mid-September 2018 when the agency (amongst other agencies) was invited by AB InBev to pitch for the Hero Beer account.

“Frontally, we took up this challenge to show our creative and strategic competence. It was quite hectic but a very thorough process, which involves multi-level presentations to the Nigerian team, and another with the South African team in attendance. After these, we were shortlisted for the final presentation, which led to our being declared the preferred agency”, he said.

While investigation reveals that the young agency’s passion for the business and the zeal with which it presented its creative solution might have won it the business, Taiwo noted, the new business means a lot to the agency.

“We are expanding our portfolio of clients and charting new courses in new territories”, he said, disclosing that towards the close of last year, the agency added “Kellogs” and “Munch It” brands to its roster.

Ndukwe Onuoha, Creative Director, 7even Interactive captured the pitch process in the following words: “It was a grueling journey of impromptu brainstorming sessions, sleepless nights and several presentations. The good news is that we came out victorious having given it our all”.

Taking a peep into the New Year, Mr. Agboola declared with optimism, “The New Year looks very promising and we are excited about this. 7even Interactive is here for the challenges that come with the business. We look forward to more winnings”.

7even Interactive is one of the youngest agencies in the industry, however, it has some of the premium brands in the land on its roll call. These include Fidelity Bank; Uber car-hailing; Power Oil; WePay and Regal Gin among others.

In 2017, 7even Interactive recorded an unprecedented feat as the only 2017 Loeries award winner to emerge in the entire West African sub-region. The winning work tagged “FrixionVodka” at the annual awards in Durban, South Africa, was a self-funded and very impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative against RAPE, a global social menace.

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