Meet Lara, The Chat Bot For Getting Around Town

Have you ever gotten lost in a new city or even worse in the city you live while trying to locate a new place? What survival mechanics did you use; ask a stranger, call a friend or ask Google? Pretty certain, whichever tactic you used, the experience wasn’t fun.

Next time you are heading out and in need of directions, Ask Lara!

Who Is Lara:
Lara is a chatbot that assists users of public transport with navigating their city by providing directions, fare estimates and travel time. Lara is always available and reliable, giving you detailed & accurate directions. To top it off; she has a great sense of humor to go with it.

See How Lara Works:

She has been serving Lagos since her launch in March 2017 and recently expanded to Abuja, December 2018. From the testimonials below, we can agree that her users are super-duper pleased.

Lara has amazing superpowers that make her extra sensitive to the needs of her users. One notable one being the “More Options”, embedded with the Alternative and Ride Share features.

The Alternative feature empowers you with multiple ways to get to your destination providing varying travel time, fare estimate and routes.

The Ride Sharing feature basically hails you a cab; for now Uber and Taxify are the giants fighting for your love and Lara is happy to book you a ride anytime!

Speaking with the founders; Samuel Odeloye (CEO), Nnamdi Nwanze (CTO) and Ladi Ojora (COO) on what we should expect next from Lara:

The CEO, Samuel Odeloye said; My team and I are currently working with these top three goals in mind; adding more cool features, improving interactions with her users and expanding into new cities. So users should be expecting a Lara 2.0 soon which will include amazing features that will make the application more personalized for the user, making Lara a true navigation buddy!

So all you newbies that haven’t heard of Lara before, feel free to SAY HELLO NOW!

Also follow Lara on Twitter @laradotng and Instagram @the_lara_bot (PS: she will follow back)!