How to advertise during the 2019 elections


As Nigeria’s 2019 general elections draw near, many brands owners and planners are wont to be in a dilemma.

It is four months long of politicking and partisan activities that usually drowns all non-political activities. As a responsible brand owner, four months of zero marketing activity is not only unthinkable but suicidal

What can we say or push during this political period? What content or medium can best convey our marketing messages and promotional campaigns without getting diluted with partisan narratives? How do we craft messages that can leverage the mood of the season but within regulatory limits?

To douse all doubts, the first answer to these puzzles, a brand owner or manager is advised to seek professional advice. A media and marketing company that is grounded in the market dynamics should be able to map out a plan that will enable a brand to maintain marketing and commercial activities during the elections.

The second most important item on the checklist is to have an air-tight plan. This is important as the period is typically spontaneous and unpredictable for political campaigners. For instance, one of the most watched TV reality show is expected to air during this period, how does your brand fit in as this show would be an alternative to the deluge of audiences who want to watch something different.

One of the most important success factors is to have something unique to say or sell in the market. As opposed to what is usual, brands who want to be taken seriously must dare to be different in such a cluttered and emotionally-intense period.