Benjamin Smith to head Air France temporarily

Benjamin Smith

Air France has announced the departure of its general manager Franck Terner, who will be replaced by the new boss of Air France-KLM Benjamin Smith , until December 31 “at the latest”, after a council of Thursday administration.

The general manager of the Franco-Dutch group, which took office ten days ago, will “define the short and medium-term strategic vision of Air France, provide a solution to wage issues, and propose the organization of the future general direction, “the council said in a statement.

The Board of Directors of Air France-KLM, meeting on August 16, 2018, had earlier decided to appoint Benjamin Smith as Air France-KLM Chief Executive Officer.

Benjamin Smith is a reputed senior airline industry executive at international level. He has played a major role at Air Canada over the past two decades, where he has been a key player in the airline’s economic and commercial development, its transformation, its value creation and the engagement of the teams. Until today, he was Air Canada’s President Airlines and Chief Operating Officer.

Benjamin Smith is also expected to take up his duties at Air France-KLM at the latest on September 30, 2018. In the meantime, the interim governance structure established on May 15, 2018 will remain in place. Anne-Marie Couderc, non-executive Chairman of the Air France-KLM and Air France Boards, and the Management Committee consisting of three members, will continue to perform their duties until then.