This is not a movie


As time passes, we are moving towards the edge of tomorrow. Our push for the cutting edge in technological innovation has pushed mankind beyond expectations.

Aside Blockchain and Bitcoin and its zigzag valuation, you might have seen and heard artificial intelligence (AI), a buzzword being bandied around by believers and naysayers. It has become very convenient and expedient that those who do not belong to either side of things are left in a state of bewilderment.

If smartphones are now more important to humans than personal computers and cars, it is surprising that many of us are oblivious of the fact that the enthronement of smartphones to this pivotal pedestal has been driven by AI innovations and technics. Virtually all the apps on your Android and iOs phones are powered by AI. They do not only run the show but they make them work in an intuitive manner that we not only become addicted but the apps become part of our lives to make it more meaningful.

However, what you have just read is not even the tip of the iceberg. If AI is all about this then, you would have wasted your time reading this piece. Singularity is the Holy grail. Proponents of AI are working towards a juncture where computers get smarter, better than mankind that humans may not even need to work. If this sounds like another Hollywood sci-fi script, you are not wrong but I’m afraid to say you are.

The AI phenomenon is man redefining its way of life in the context of technology and human connections. Accounting, architecture, law, medicine and even marketing, our coveted profession will not be spared in a landslide revolution.

Just to set the record straight and at the risk of becoming boastful, AI would likely turn out to be the most groundbreaking invention in the 21st Century.

We can only brace up for the times ahead.