Something big is coming into Nigeria’s mobile market


In the last two weeks, Nigeria’s social media space has witnessed another buzz. The teaser campaign which was tied on the hashtag — #AheadoftheCurve suggests that the subject behind the frenzy is a mobile brand.

If information on its social media handle is anything to go by, the brand’s name is called TAMBO Mobile and it is being pushed to cause upset and revolution in the Nigerian mobile market.

An immediate research into its global footprints shows that the TAMBO brand is an established global mobile phone company with full-fledged operations across Asia and the emerging markets in general. The company has an extensive presence in India, the world’s second most populous country with one of the largest mobile market. TAMBO has also launched across all the major countries in the Indian-subcontinent.

An analysts who has been watching its entrance campaign into Nigeria hinted that the brand might be seeking into African markets by starting with Nigeria, the continent’s largest market.

A deep-dive into the TAMBO’s corporate origin reveals it is a mesh of Indian and Chinese founders. One of its cryptic social posts on the company’s mission said:

“TAMBO Mobile is a leading mobile device company that aims to redefine technology and the business of telephony across the world.”

All things being equal, with the knowledge of the matter said the mobile phone brand will be launched into the Nigerian market in the next few weeks.

The campaign which has been leveraged across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has depicted the brand as a challenger that encourages leadership and abhors a me-too mentality that engenders complacency and mediocrity. TAMBO Mobile’s brand DNA were surreptitiously disclosed via series of social media posts early last week:

“Take the stage, do your thing and leave the crowd with good vibes because you are a performer who like us is always #Aheadofthecurve.”

“It requires very little effort to either stay at the bottom or remain average in anything you do. However, staying #AheadOfTheCurve requires dedication, passion and constant learning.”

The teaser campaign also dovetailed into a video leg where creative and exceptional talents were asked to explain why they are #AheadoftheCurve and how this mindset has stood them out in their endeavours.

With its identity and brand DNA within the reach of the enthusiastic Nigerian media and mobile customers, there are questions as to which segment of the market TAMBO Mobile will be competing in.

A review of its product category shows that Tambo will be in the value-end of the market. With its two-pronged series namely- Superphones and Powerphones, these are perhaps clear indication that it will look to cause upset in the low and mid-end category.

A smartphone business analysts who preferred not to be named said he is privileged to information that suggest TAMBO will be coming to bring a shift in the market by introducing top-notch devices. These devices will be of global standard yet with affordable price points that will give the brand the edge against its competitors, many of whom had over time garnered unsavoury image of pushing sub-optimal products in the aim of selling at affordable prices.

If TAMBO can provide affordability with quality, customer service, a key determinant of a sustainable mobile brand will be a major hurdle to cross. In some of its preliminary teaser communication, TAMBO is promising a 100 day phone replacement and 12 + 1 months warranty policy. This proposition does not exist in the market, the brand would have to ensure it is implemented to its advantage to wade off imitations that would arise from competitors.

As regards how far this incoming entrant will push its vision of redefining technology and its commercial linkages will be interesting to see given the mobile market’s vibrancy and plethora of competition who are jostling to take preeminent position in minds of customers.