SBI Media, Masscom Global goes to PAMRO


For us in the African media buying and planning industry, today is a very important day. The 19th PAMRO meeting and All Africa Media Research Conference starts today in Lagos Nigeria.

You can call it the Davos for media professionals.

PAMRO is a forum for industry organisations, media research providers, media owners, marketers and advertising agencies in different African countries to exchange knowledge and to learn from one another’s successes and failures, to ensure the highest quality and to harmonize our research methodologies so that we will eventually have a continental media research database.

Today, the importance of big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be overemphasized. This is the more reason African and emerging market media leaders will be looking at a unique tagged: “A Billion Africans, the Billion Dollar Media Question, Media data and analytics for change.”

SBI Media and the Masscom Global Network (MCG) will be represented at the elite media converge to contribute to pushing the envelope of data and AI in the practice of media.

Rotimi Bankole, Managing Director, SBI Media Limited, said: “The 19th PAMRO is not just a unique platform for the Nigerian media industry to host its African partners and international media players. The media industry will stand a chance to explore media data and its relevance in a changing world of business.”

On why the 19th PAMRO is important to MCG, Cherian PV, Director at MCG, said: “MCG network aims at helping brands grow in the emerging markets. Alongside our partners such as SBI Media and over 40 other agencies, we will fast-track innovation process to simplify global advertising by adopting AI applications. At PAMRO, we are looking forward to connecting minds with the best of market research minds in Africa, to seek partnerships which will, in turn, be helpful to our stakeholders.”

SBI Media has since joined the Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) to contribute towards the development of capacity in the media industry.

As a member of MCG, a unique global media network formed in 2017, SBI Media serves as a hub for the network across West Africa. Within a short space of time, MCG has now developed into one of the largest media networks of forward-thinking agencies in the emerging markets with over 42 offices worldwide.


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