New Dental Tech Can Tell When You’re Scared

Most people dread going to the dentist. They come up with a million reasons why they cannot make that visit. It might be the pain, cost or just the sight of sharp needles and objects that make you cringe.

But going to the dentist is healthy for your teeth especially if you are looking for a killer smile. Having healthy teeth is as important for you as playing Betway games online. After all, a healthy smile doesn’t just mean you look great, but also that you could go on with your normal lifestyle for longer, being able to eat what you love.

And now, a visit to the dentist can just become so much easier.

Making a Visit to the Dentist Is Going to be Hassle-free!

For many, visiting a dental clinic is synonymous with a place of misery but that all is about to change. There is new dentists tech that could communicate pain on your behalf. Dentists at Columbia University’s centre for Precision Dental Medicine have developed a Radio frequency identification(RFID) wristband that identifies visitors throughout the visit.

The RFID tags will track practitioners and patients whereabouts. Moreover, they will measure dental equipment and how long the equipment is used. The RFID tags will supply data to computer systems with little or no human intervention at all. The data collected will alert the dentist if you suffer from pain.

This is not the first attempt dentists have incorporated RFID technology into their procedures. The Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium devised an ID chip that can be planted in a tooth. The RFID tag is infused in a drilled tooth. The idea came about due to the difficulty coroners have when identifying a dead body. At the expense of identifying victims through dental records, the chip makes the whole process easier.  

The dentists at the Columbia University aim at making the whole process of visiting the dentist comfortable. After six months they also plan to launch chairs that will track patients stress. The health of a person is better comprehended when under stress. Many people do not know that stress can lower the body’s immune system making them prone to diseases. This includes  insomnia, depression, heart attacks and diabetes

The chairs will start measuring patients pulse rate and oxygenation. The heart rates detected will be able to help the practitioner identify the type of illness an individual is suffering from. Even the slightest detection can help save a life.

In the future, the chair could be equipped with facial recognition software that can detect stress and pain. This will help a health practitioner to easily identify how a patient can withstand illnesses with the amount of stress they are facing.

The new dental tech will be a sign of relief to many, even the ones who hate the dentist. If the high-tech is a success then a lot of people would be willing to go to the dentistry. This is because diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and oral infections can be detected. The dentistry might turn out to be the best health institution in the long run.