OneLogin May Save Your Company Millions With SSO

OneLogin has been creating online authentication software for companies of all sizes, including many of the top manufacturers in the world.

Since many companies now use remote online authentication for their employees, they have left themselves open to a host of security vulnerabilities. In fact, security breaches may cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and hacks occur all the time.

Where OneLogin steps in is to make security more streamlined so that it is easier for users and easy on a company’s IT team. With older login systems, IT departments may be overburdened with support tickets while OneLogin’s Single Sign On technology automates things.

What is “Single Sign On” Technology?

Single Sign On (SSO) does exactly as the name implies. A user may log into their user accounts once without having to enter a password. These systems will typically use cellphone authentication, email verification or social media sign-ins to authenticate users. This removes the need for end users to remember passwords that they are likely to forget anyway.

This type of login system may also take advantage of shared identification servers. Things like Gravitar, OpenID, Facebook Connect and Google Plus are popular examples of this phenomenon. It also helps maintain the integrity of user information when used in a variety of websites.

The portal will only require one set of login credentials and that will improve the server’s security. When MFA is required for a user to sign in, it makes it nearly impossible for a hacker to steal user accounts. It would be highly unlikely for the hacker to have access to a user’s cellphone, even if they have already infiltrated their email and Facebook account.

Why is SSO Important For Businesses?

Believe it or not, information can have a dollar value to it. For large, multinational companies, a lot of money is lost due to hacks and mitigating hacks. Company secrets, blueprints and financial information may be leaked and that could cost millions of dollars. Let’s not forget the cost of a company’s IT department to try and deter hacking and to manage account issues. With OneLogin’s products, it saves a lot of time and money for most companies.

Compatible With Multiple Applications

Another big selling point of OneLogin’s sign on solution is the fact that it may be used with other popular cloud applications. Since there is only one set of credentials behind a super secure system, it really increases productivity to not spend time getting authorization for dozens of different apps. Your company’s application suite will be behind a strong firewall and multi-factor authentication.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is the hottest access management software company that is based in the San Francisco area. They develop applications that leave old technology behind in terms of security while also offering convenience. Over 300 application developers are compatible with their toolkits and their reach is spreading rapidly. It was started by the Zendesk founders and they knew what the IT world needed to reduce their customer support strain.