Best Books for SAT Test Prep

Best Books for SAT Test Prep

There is no doubting the fact that there is a plethora of resource books to choose from for your SAT test preparation.

However, you do not have to worry about your choice; we have reviewed some of these materials and have outlined some of them based on their strengths and weaknesses.

All you have to do is go through the details given per book and make your choice and what will work for you and what will not. It is important to mention at this point that reading resource books for your test prep will go a long way to impact on your success in the exam. This is because you would have gathered the crucial insight and knowledge from the books and you will be able to apply them during your test to ultimately succeed at the end of it.

Important Facts to Note about the SAT Test

Before going ahead to enumerate the books you can explore during your test prep, it is important to mention that the SAT exam has been reviewed. The new version came out in March 2016. Due to the fact that the new test is still in its early stage, there are not many practice materials you can use for this new version like the older one. All you have to work with at this stage is the Prep Free SAT Practice Test, Online Training Course Sample Questions, Study Guide from Prepaway. You still do not have to despair; focusing on these practice test questions will equip you with the required skills necessary to perform excellently during your SAT test. In addition to the practice exam, it is highly important that you get quality resource materials to help you in your preparation. The books that are discussed here are designed to give comprehensive insights into the different areas of the SAT prep so as to open the candidates up to the great opportunities of learning all they can before their scheduled exam date.

  • SAT Pattern Strategy by Kallis

Many people have found this resource material very useful in their preparation for the SAT test. The SAT Pattern Strategy offers six different practice exams in full. The practice questions are patterned after the real exam and they are very realistic. The book provides a step-by-step explanation to the answers to each of the questions in the practice test. This in-depth review and explanation is designed to help the test takers understand the questions and answers so as to be able to answer them accurately during the actual examination. The book contains full discourse of 100 different topics outlined in the new SAT, giving a concise and clear presentation of the fundamental of grammar concepts, mathematics, and literature. The book also exposes you to the format and topics as covered in the details of SAT. By the time the test taker is done reviewing this book, he would have gotten a strong hold of the logistics and ideas of the SAT test. One major shortcoming of the book is that it doesn’t cover the exam strategies in full details. The strategies such as process of elimination and time management are not covered in this resource guide.

  • SAT Black Book

The second edition of the SAT Black Book offers a great insight and advice on the approach to SAT. The book explores the different kinds of questions to expect and how to recognize tricky and distracting answers during the exam. It also detailed the format, structure and important tricks of the SAT test. Going through the book will give you an insight into practical strategies required for answering the test questions so that you can save time. One weakness of this study material is that it doesn’t come with practice questions of its own. The implication of this is that the test takers will need to use the official practice tests for the SAT examination in conjunction with this resource guide.

  • McGraw Hill SAT Education 2018

The McGraw Hill SAT Education 2018 offers an intensive and informative overview of the content and structure of the SAT test. The book details the test including the number of questions and the time frame of each of the sections of the exam questions. It also features practice questions that are closely related to the actual examination. The mathematics concepts reviewed in the book are very detailed. Different components of the concepts are broken down in details in the book and you also get some great guide on how to map out your study plan. Although the book is well detailed in the mathematics concepts, the analysis of the Reading and Writing concepts are very limited making it quite unreliable for preparing for these sections of the test.

  • Barron New SAT

This is a thorough test prep material that provides content reviews, practice tests, and sample questions for the SAT test. The book has four different complete practice tests. Students can also access two other complete practice exams online, making a total of six practice tests. The book provides a very essential tool to help candidates familiarize with the SAT test. This tool is known as a diagnostic test. The tool helps you to get into the testing mood, opening you up to your weak areas and how to cover these areas. Topics covered in the book are very comprehensive and offer great insights for the exam preparation. The common issue that many users have with this resource material is the recycled practice questions that are used in the different editions of the book. Instead of developing new practice questions, the same old ones are recycled over and over in all the editions of the book.


These are great books that will start you off in your SAT test prep. You do not necessarily have to buy all the books available for the SAT test. All you need is to review each of them and choose the ones that best appeal to you in a presentation and content. In making your choice of resource materials to buy, it is crucial to consider the depth of the content.