Hiroya Kawasaki, CEO of Kobe Steel resigns amidst data scandal

Olufunke Ighodaro

Hiroya Kawasaki, the chief executive of Kobe Steel has resigned his appointment from the position after the company admitted that it verified misconduct in its reporting.

The company said in an official statement that:

“In our report dated on March 6, 2018, we made public facts relating to the misconduct revealed by the IIC’s investigation, an analysis of the causes of the misconduct, and measures to prevent a recurrence.

The Kobe Steel group will continue to place the highest priority on completing the safety verifications. At the same time, we will implement the fundamental reforms described in the report. In order to fulfill our responsibilities for the quality issues caused by the misconduct, and to be reborn as a company in which people can place their trust, we will strive to prevent a recurrence with an unwavering resolution.”

According to his official bio, Mr. Hiroya Kawasaki has been the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Kobe Steel Ltd. since April 1, 2013 and served as its Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Kawasaki served as a Senior Managing Director and General Manager of the Technical Administration Department – Iron and Steel Sector at Kobe Steel Ltd. He served as Senior Officer at Kobe Steel Ltd.

Mr. Kawasaki serves as Chairman of Kobelco (China) Holding Co., Ltd. He is in charge of the Environmental Control and Disaster Prevention Department; In charge of production technology of steel products in the Iron and Steel Sector. He serves as a Representative Director of Kobe Steel Ltd.


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