Work/Life Balance in an Industry that never Sleeps


The media industry is legendary for its “work hard, play hard” philosophy. But is burning the candle at both ends sustainable and can a career in media affect your lifestyle, but also your long-term well-being?

The more you work in the industry, the more you become involved in everything that surrounds it. The social side is actually a core part of the job – they are interlinked.

If you don’t attend social events, you struggle a bit with your profile and that certainly goes against you. The industry is more competitive and more corporate. Balancing work and life is something you might find harder and harder to control, but, sadly, we are in a dog-eat-dog environment and it’s all about survival of the fittest.

Building a career in media appears to be full of glamuor and prestige. While they definitely have their perks, you’ll be faced with many difficult personal choices before you have a shot at making it to the top. If you are at the helms of building a media startup or a fast-growing one at that, you will need to adjust to a new normal where you will have to sync your work and personal life together.

For those who want to help in building a media company, there is a fact that you need to understand. Working in media is not a nine-to-five career and if you expect that, then you might have to go work in a bank.

Moreover, technology in all intent and purposes has come to make things easier than it was when the industry was still in its formative years. For instance, instant messaging apps have now almost overtaken emails for critical internal communications and workflow. Cloud storage has also reduced the laborious process of coordinating teams, file storage and projects. Agencies and the industry at large have to invest in technology and tools that can make work less stressful for people.

Media’s “work hard, play hard” philosophy in the social side of the industry actually provides a valuable outlet for stress, as long as those who work pretty smart in the industry are able to enjoy what they do.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu, Digital Copywriter Executive, SBI Media. Published in SBI Media Newsletter

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