Uber teams up with taxi firm ComfortDelGro, launch new service

Uber teams up with taxi firm ComfortDelGro, launch new service

Uber Singapore has officially announced that it will be bringing surge pricing to all ComfortDelGro taxis here through a new service called UberFLASH.

UberFLASH, aims to connect riders to drivers closest to them – either a private vehicle or a taxi, is the first collaboration between the firms since they said in December that ComfortDelGro would buy a 51 percent stake in Uber’s Singapore car leasing unit, Lion City Rentals.

“UberFLASH is the first in a series of collaborative efforts between ComfortDelGro and Uber,” said ComfortDelGro Taxi’s chief executive Ang Wei Neng, who added that the new feature leads to a “win-win situation” for both commuters and taxi drivers.

Beginning From 6am on Friday, riders woul be able to book rides using the UberFLASH feature. The base fare starts at S$3 while distance fare per kilometre is S$0.45 and time fare per minute is at S$0.20. Other charges such as wait time fee of $0.20 per minute after three minutes and cancellation fee of S$6 after five minutes, similar to Uber’s other offerings, would apply too, it added.

According to Uber, when prices are surging, riders will see a multiplier to the standard rates on the map. For example, you might see a surge at 1.8x or 2.5x, and this is how much your base fare will be multiplied by. So a fare that is usually S$10 would be S$18 when it’s at 1.8x surge, it explained on its website.