Bitcoinflow returns, promises investors to stay in business


After the holidays, Bitcoinflow, a Bitcoin investment platform that promises 30% interest to investors has announced a return of investment activities.

While it seems its investors are still having challenges in making withdrawals, the scheme claimed in an email message to its investors that it was due to the huge backlog of requests.

See below the statement:

Dear Investors,

The 2nd of January 2018 has come and gone. We were able to commence full activities as promised. We thank you for your trust and patience.

It was noticed from some recent surveys that alot of investment platforms like Bitcoinflow have folded up due to mismanagement, not paying close attention to some alerts/trends or even because of dubious actions. Whatever the case may be, we do not intend to be a part of this bad statistics. We will succeed by staying true to our core values as our reputation sets us apart.

As we have always stated, our drive is to be the best, strongest and trustworthy investment platform in the crypto space. In this light, we will like to request for more time to bring activities to normalcy as we review our strategy to maintain smooth operation and better customer experience for a more efficient and stable platform.

There was a massive influx of new investors immediately we resumed to full activities on the 2nd of January. Alot of withdrawal requests were also received as a backlog from the holidays. We have been working round the clock to make sure that all investments are secured and it may take longer than we imagined to attend to some investors request.

There is no cause for alarm. Everything is under control. This is us keeping you abreast of activities that might affect your investment as promised. Activities will return to normalcy in the next few days.

Bitcoinflow will also like to appreciate all our investors for the positive publicity you have been giving the platform. We believe this is the main explanation for the huge influx of new investors and we are most grateful.

Thank you for your understanding.

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