Revelations: How Shell covered up writ losses to Don Marketing

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Latest excerpts from Donovan’s book reveals that Royal Dutch Shell incurred huge losses to legal settlements to Don Marketing, a consulting company that worked with the oil giant.

According to an excerpt from his book “John Donovan, Shell’s Nightmare” published on his blog, (it has no links to Royal Dutch Shell), John Donovan claimed in his book, that Shell stole confidential intellectual property from us on several occasions.

He said that he sued and Shell settled. The settlements were inevitably surrounded by secrecy and deception designed to prevent embarrassing information from reaching third parties, particularly Shell shareholders.

John Donovan claimed there were series of litigations between 1994 and 1996

However, he claimed Shell tried to keep the court settlements in the pre-Smart litigation secret. He cited this magazine article: “High Court papers unveil ‘secret’ Shell writ losses.

The feature published in April 1998 was spread over several pages of Marketing Week magazine.

Shell settlements with me were inevitably surrounded by secrecy and deception designed to prevent embarrassing information reaching third parties, particularly Shell shareholders.

The first three High Court actions brought by Don Marketing were in respect of short-term promotions. Namely a rerun of Shell Make Money; a Nintendo Gameboy themed instant win game, and a “Now Showing” movie themed promotion.

From the outset of the initial litigation, Shell tried to intimidate us.

In a letter dated 27 April 1994 Shell lawyers threatened to make the litigation “drawn put and difficult.” The obvious intent was to drain our financial resources, exploiting the fact that Shell is a multinational Goliath with an army of in-house and external lawyers, supported up by unlimited financial resources.

Despite operating with an in-house team that numbers 1,000 staff and 800 lawyers, 50 percent of Shell’s legal budget has been going to external counsel.

If my experience is any guide, Shell lawyers are ready to destroy without mercy, any small company or individual who objects to being trampled on by Shell or its agents.

We, therefore, decided to counter the stonewalling and threats by mounting a campaign against Shell alongside the litigation.

Shell has not immediately commented on this matter and latest revelations in the book.

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