X3M Ideas explains divorce with 9Mobile, announces contract with Glo


X3M, one of Nigeria’s most creative advertising company has confirmed its resignation from 9mobile marketing communication business

The company said in a statement to PageOne.ng that the decision is “a business decision and the best in the circumstances that berthed it”.

Steve Babaeko, CEO/Chief Creativity Officer, X3M Ideas explained that 9mobile is one of those businesses he is proud to have been associated with.

“I have had 9 years of uninterrupted service with the brand. (In the civil service, they say 9 years of meritorious service.)”.

According to Steve, the decision to part ways with this valued client was not a in a rancorous circumstance. Contrary to insinuation of being forced out, he revealed that the agency did an analysis of new developments around the brand and arrived at the painful but pragmatic decision to let go of the business.

To this effect, X3M Ideas officially notified the client in writing and waited patiently for the client to respond officially.

While accepting our resignation, 9 Mobile in its response wrote inter alia, “We appreciate your contributions to growing the brand over the years; you have won us many awards. We can only wish your team the best”.

“It was a business decision I took. I have done this business for 5 years; I need to look out for the future of X3M Ideas in view of the fact that there was a bit of instability within the whole relationship system”, Steve added.

He noted that the way things were going, it was going to be difficult for his agency to be able to work the way it’s used to and do the quality work the agency is noted for, adding that X3M Ideas, we will not put tag on anything that does not excite us. “I just didn’t want to do that so we felt it was more honourable to move on instead of sitting down and be incapacitated one way or the other. This is what informed our decision”, he further disclosed.

“For me, I think it’s more honourable instead of just saying things are not the way it used to be, whatever money we have, just manage it to do whatever work. I think the brand deserves more. So, we just felt it’s time to go”, said Steve.

While confirming the agency also recently put pen to paper to work for Glo, the X3M Ideas’ CEO noted that the agency is proud to be working for Glo.

“I have always wanted to work with a Nigerian international company. I believe Glo is at that level. So, it’s a huge opportunity to be able to work with the Glo team and partner with them”.

He promised, “There are so many new ideas we will be bringing to the table to further enhance the Glo brand in the market. We are excited, motivated and we think we can make a difference”

As a background, 9mobile, formerly called Etisalat Nigeria was renamed to the former after the company’s board of directors and core investors gave up their equity due to a USD1.2 billion debt the mobile carrier was owing to a consortium of local and international lenders.

9mobile has since appointed Barclays as its financial advisors to look for new equity investors.

It would be recalled last week that PageOne.ng reported that Smile Telecoms, Teleology Holdings, Glo, Bharti Airtel and Interswitch Group owners, Helios Investment Partners are the company bidding to take over the company.

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