The Secret Of a Successful Man is… His Wife

There is an old bike about a very rich and successful man who is asked: “What is your secret?” “I got a good wife!” , he proudly replies.

When you ask any of the men what kind of wife they want, they do not list for half an hour different qualities, like women. They answer in this simple way: “A good one.”

What is a kind of woman who provides the gentleman with clear understanding: I must marry her right now?

Whom are these mythical creatures?

Read a profile of a woman who does not linger alone. It turns out that the whole thing is not even in the character, but in the internal state of the lady.

The Best Woman is an Ordinary Woman

Yes, exactly ordinary woman. A woman can be unrealistically exceptional, amazing, magical, but if she internally thinks herself to be ordinary, her exclusiveness will only become more noticeable. Wise men always say: the girl is decorated with modesty. Psychotherapists

The psychotherapists say the same.

Many girls consider themselves too talented, educated, modern, beautiful on absolutely baseless foundation. Such imaginary of “exclusivity” imposes additional obligations on the social environment. From the girl’s point of view, only royal people should surround her. For her, all her claims are absolutely fair, and the failure of the slightest whim causes hysteria. If the girl is beautiful, a man can be mistaken about her hysteria, considering it a charisma and “self-confidence.” However, this illusion is short-lived. The man disappoints and leaves for another lady, and the girl believes that she is not like everyone else even more  and continues her way to loneliness.

To find a girl who will reveal all your potential, you need to be able to identify these ladies at the beginning of communication. It’s not so simple because the girls masterfully play a role, showing you what they think you want to see. This falseness is very skillful, if the lady already has a life experience. However, a normal man throughout his life develops a critical view, allowing  to respond to false signals, similar to the hunter’s decoy. To do this, you need to deliberately distance yourself from an unfamiliar lady who you like. Take her as an insidious hunter, until she proves otherwise.

Girls immediately notice resistance. Those of them who are accustomed to seduce men through lies, images, undisguised sexuality are potential hysterical persons. They instantly manifest themselves.

Such a girl will not give you anything but good sex in the first 2-3 months of a relationship and a bunch of neuroses afterwards.

You need a girl who will be honest with you from the very beginning. The one who will not openly declare her merits and flatter you.

So look for following qualities in the girls:

  • Rationality
  • Simplicity
  • Modesty
  • Intellect

Rational girl. This is the one that knows, for example, where what is cheaper, but appreciates the quality. The one that can be entrusted to the family budget. The one that does not waste in vain, refers to things carefully, makes decisions in a balanced way.

Simple girl is the one, who doesn’t play roles all the time and everywhere. She talks straightly, she is polite and she never tries to flatter. She can enjoy life every day because she is a part of this life, but not a “royal” person.

Modest girl is the one, who knows about her advantages, but never brags about it.

A smart girl never says it openly. She knows how to deal with a man, when to yield to him and when to insist on her own opinion. She does not create unnecessary problems, but helps you solve existing ones.