Nigeria’s 7even Interactive takes LAIF to ads of the world

In line with the new zeal and deliberate push to nudge the Lagos Advertising and Ideas festival, LAIF, up the scale, the print campaign materials released a couple of days ago, is already yielding positive dividends on the image and reputation of LAIF awards.

The Campaign materials for the annual event received commendations from the prestigious “Ads of the world” platform featured the material as one of the outstanding professional services campaigns.

Ads of the World is an advertising archive that features creative advertising campaigns from all over the world especially those found to be outstanding and excellent in their execution.

The campaign conceived and executed from thought to finish by 7even Interactive, Lagos, for 2017 LAIF awards is simple, uncluttered creative works as it looks.

The agency deployed obscure illustration to depict what happens on the shop floor, the hustles and bustles, the killing deadlines and nailed it straight.

Explaining the rationale for those outstanding works which featured on the international advertising archive’s Professional services category, Taiwo Agboola, COO, 7even Interactive said:

7even interactive

“We were tasked with creating communication materials for this important event, Lagos Advertising  We depicted the many people slaving it out in agencies as robots, while replacing the word, life, with the acronym, LAIF”.

Ndukwe Onuoha, Creative Director, 7even Interactive said: “The idea is to make LAIF interesting and exciting as any other advertising awards globally. We are therefore challenged to do stuff that will engage and build expectations for the awards across all quarters”. The materials are able to spark interest and arouse curiousity creative removes the erstwhile docile nature and reflects a very vibrant award, something to look forward to, Onuoha added.

The print ads which resonates with creative agencies operations globally makes the up-coming event, LAIF awards, a look-forward to and aspirational event in the advertising industry. It gives it a fresher aura with attendant high expectations. This aligns so well with the theme: “Fresh Thinking” as the tag for the 2017 edition.

7even Interactive is a young and dynamic agency which came to the scene a few years ago.  The agency has stamped its creative fire-power in the industry with a series of local and international awards and recognitions. Some of which include the only West African agency to win a medal (Bronze) in the 2017 edition of the popular Loeries Awards (South Africa) and local LAIF medal awards to its credit.