Why Nigerian Basketball Stakeholders are toying with FIBA’s Hammer

As lovers of basketball in Nigeria awaits what becomes of the Nigeria basketball federation NBBF following the deadline given by the federation of international basketball association (FIBA) given to Nigeria to settle its in-house brouhaha or be sanctioned on the 30th of November 2017 stakeholders want the two factions involved to resolve the issue immediately and quench the tsunami.

There is a saying that when two elephant fights the grass suffers it the most. It is however disturbing that the nation is facing such an embarrassing moment again in the sporting world.

One thing you cannot take away from an average Nigerian is the staunch passion for success which we called the never say die spirit and the syndrome of holding unto power which is the rave even before I was born,now at all level,be it in the political arena or in the sporting sector and running in the vains of African leaders.

A good example is that of Isah Hayatou who ruled African football CAF for decades and the recent Pa Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who resigned as president after thirty seven years in office alongside his queen grace Mugabe,One would love to ask why do they have to stay till eternity if really they want to serve? A big question you may ask.

Well coming back to our discussion,the game basketball is fast becoming the favourite although still second behind football in the nation where I hailed from NIGERIA but it’s heartbreaking that despite the contribution and sacrifices of patriotic youths who compete to win Laurels and bring honour to Nigeria,while some gladiators are fighting each other all in the name of becoming a PRESIDENT.

The national female team called D tigress put up a terrific performance winning the Afro basket in Mali, without conceding to any nation not even Senegal or Tunisia and qualifying for the World Championship in Spain next year while the male team known as D tigers,narrowly lost in the finals to Tunisia as the league back home is fast gaining more grounds in terms of followership and advert but some are in the corner plotting to tear the association apart by bringing shame to the nation.

With less than two weeks to the deadline of handing over by international basketball governing body FIBA arrives, the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) must quickly put its house in order or face sanctions.

It was gathered that there has been little movement on either side of the faction to make peace but the Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee of NBBF remained adamant.

Since June, when two separate elections were held in two different cities and under two different regulations, the Nigerian basketball family has been divided into two; one headed by Musa Kida(JACKY CHAN) and the other by Tijjani Umar(BRUCE LEE)

The election which ushered in Umar was held in Kano on the 12th of june, supposedly under a new NBBF Constitution. The Kida faction claimed the said Constitution was not passed according to procedure but was merely rushed through, and held their own elections under guidelines provided by the Ministry of Sports,now both parties, claiming legitimacy, appealed to FIBA, which ruled  a letter in July that both elections were nulled and as a result, neither of the two factions should be recognized.

Now, my take on this issueis that of what benefit would it be to the two MALLAMS, should Nigeria basketball federation gets the sledge hammer?

In an exclusive chat with some stakeholders in the game, Coach Charles Osho of hoops and reads basketball club, all what the gentle man could say was that,there should be a sincere dialogue before the deadline.

On his part, head coach Ondo state basketball team Mr Shola Aluko while highlighting the negative effects of the ban, further appealed to elders in the game to as a matter of urgency summon the two actors to avoid calamity.

Angry by the hullabaloo, a sports analyst Dayo Johnson wants the two men involved punished if Nigeria should eventually get the yellow card from FIBA, saying it would be a serious embarrassment to the most populous black nation with a population of over one hundred and eighty people and toyed with two personalities whose major reason for dragging the matter to this stage is yet unknown.

Written by Isaac Afolabi

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