Vontobel launches Bitcoin futures for Swiss and German investors


Vontobel, the first provider of Swiss and German investors to launch tracker certificates on Bitcoin in 2016, making it the “bankable asset”, is the first provider in the world to launch the first Short Mini Future on Bitcoin.

The company said as of today, investors can trade Vontobel’s Mini-Futures Short on Bitcoin on the Swiss Stock Exchange. This gives them the opportunity to speculate on falling prices of the cryptocurrency. Vontobel provides two variants with different designs. The issuer of the Short Mini Futures is Vontobel. Thus, the investor benefits from the advantages of a certificate such as safekeeping in a securities custody account and easy trading on the stock exchange.

With this new investment opportunity in Bitcoin, Vontobel continues to expand into the digital world, bringing investment expertise and fintech even closer together. “As one of the leading providers of structured products, Vontobel is once again demonstrating its innovative capability and speed,” says Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking.

Vontobel Financial Products is the leading provider of structured products in its home market of Switzerland, with a market share of 25 percent (measured in terms of exchange-traded volume in the target segment). In July 2016, Vontobel was the first and only issuer to launch the Bitcoin Tracker in Switzerland and Germany, and on 25 October 2017 launched another variant with an unlimited maturity. Today, the products are among the most heavily traded investment products on the stock exchange both in Switzerland and in Germany, and are very popular with both institutional and private investors.