Taiyo Pacific acquires 5% stake of W-scope corporation


Taiyo Pacific Partners announced that it has accumulated in excess of 5% in W-Scope Corporation to become the 6th largest shareholder.

W-Scope is a global, leading provider of separators for lithium-ion secondary cell batteries used in portable devices as well as hybrid and electric cars. Taiyo Pacific Partners is a pioneer of friendly engagement investing in Japan and has been proactively working with senior management at its portfolio companies to enhance shareholder value for over 14 years.

Taiyo Pacific Partners is one of the largest engagement funds in Japan, investing in publicly listed Japanese small- and mid-cap companies. The firm has a diverse and synergistic investment team of close to 20 bi-lingual professionals with extensive Asia-related work experience.

Taiyo said it has since its founding in 2003, has attracted assets from some of the largest and most widely known institutions in the world.