Nigeria’s WhoGoHost picks Spencer Candland to head tech team


Nigeria’s Whogohost said it appointed Mr Spencer Candland, former VP Technical Infrastructure of BlueHost to its technical team.

WhoGoHost said in an email statement that Spencer Candland will also serve as Senior VP, Technical Infrastructure.

Spencer Candland brings a wealth of experience to WhoGoHost as a seasoned web hosting veteran who has helped build one of the world’s biggest hosting company. He began his career at / United Online where he headed technical support and led a team of a dozen individuals. In 2005, Spencer joined BlueHost and led technology infrastructure growing the engineering team to a team of 55 server admins, WordPress developers and engineers managing millions of websites.

“Spencer’s experience and technical wizardry has helped build a top 3 web hosting company in America, he will be very instrumental to building the top web hosting company in Africa for Africa,” said Toba Obaniyi, CEO of WhoGoHost.

Mr Spencer Cadland was instrumental in introducing efficiency and global standards to WhoGoHost’s hosting infrastructure earlier this year when the startup had issues on 2 of its servers affecting some clients’ sites. “I am very excited to build a hosting giant again, this time for Africa,” he said. “And elated to be working with two of Africa’s finest entrepreneurs on this”.

“As a result of Mr Cadland’s involvement, we have been able to upgrade our infrastructure and knowledge of our technical team in a few months, while it would take our competitors years to achieve same. We are very confident of remaining the No. 1 choice for Nigerians wanting to build/host websites or buy domain names,” said Opeyemi Awoyemi, WhoGoHost Chairman.