Amadeus’ system down time causes global airport delays

airport amadeus

Global aviation passengers are said to be experiencing delays at the airport due to a system downtime at booking software company Amadeus. This system failure left many travelers at the airport unable to check in and board flights to their destinations.

Passengers at Sydney, London Gatwick, Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Reagan Airport in Washington DC, Changi Airport in Singapore, Johannesburg and Zurich airports have all reportedly had problems.

The software company said it had identified a “network issue” but that services were being restored. Several airlines use the Amadeus software to manage reservations and check-in desks.

Heathrow airport said: “A small number of airlines are experiencing problems across the world and we’re working closely with them to solve the issue.”

A spokesman for Amadeus said: “During the morning, we experienced a network issue that caused disruption to some of our systems.

“Amadeus technical teams took immediate action to identify the cause of the issue and restore services as quickly as possible. That action is ongoing with services gradually being restored.

“Amadeus regrets any inconvenience caused to customers.”

Amadeus travel technology helps businesses connect to the global travel ecosystem, manage operations more effectively and serve travellers better than ever.