ABS and Telcom Satellites owns TSTv, the proposed payTV company


Naspers, the South African Internet company owns DSTV, but the name ABS is about to become a competitor to the latter in the same business in Nigeria.

As TSTv, a payTV company coming with the proposition of pay-per-view subscription model prepares to launch, we are getting a flurry of queries as to who owns the company.

According to available information, TSTv is a joint venture owned by ABS and Telcom Satellites TV. The company’s signals will be distributed on the ABS 3A Africa beam, located at 3 degrees west.

In its mission statement, ABS was established to meet the growing demands of broadcast and telecommunications operators in Africa, Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

In September 2006, ABS successfully concluded the acquisition of the Lockheed Martin Intersputnik-1 (LMI-1) satellite which was renamed ABS-1 satellite.

In November 2010, the Permira funds and the ABS management team announced the successful acquisition of ABS from Citi Venture Capital International and Asia Debt Management.

ABS is majority owned by the Permira funds which are advised by European Private Equity firm Permira. Historically the Permira funds have been a leading investor in the satellite industry with substantial ownership stakes in Intelsat and Inmarsat.


Headquarters in Bermuda, ABS has offices in the United States, UAE, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

ABS is majority owned by the Permira funds which are advised by European Private Equity firm Permira. The Permira funds acquired ABS in 2010.

Led by a management team of talented and experienced professionals, ABS offers a complete range of End-to-End solutions including Direct to Home (DTH), Cable TV distribution (CATV), Cellular Backhaul, VSAT and Internet Backbone services with diverse IP transit through its European, Middle East and Asian internet gateways.

ABS operates a fleet of satellites serving 93% of the world.

  • ABS-2 (75°E, prime orbital location)
  • ABS-2A (75°E) – entered service 21st January, 2017
  • ABS-3 (85.3°E)
  • ABS-3A (3°W)
  • Mobisat-1 / ABS-4 (61°E)
  • ABS-6 (159°E)
  • ABS-7 (116.1°E)

In Nigeria, ABS is trading with the name TSTv but operating under the company name TELCOM SATELLITES LIMITED. TELCOM SATELLITES is registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Laws of Nigeria. The company‘s current and planned activities extend throughout Nigeria and would be expanding to other African countries.

TSTV currently owns a DTH License in Nigeria and in the medium term intends to expand its innovative DTH services into new territories across Africa.

In a press statement in July, TSTv said the service will air over 100 TV channels, and the number is expected to grow to 150 soon after. Audiences will be able to enjoy unbeatable innovations, local and foreign content and the best entertainment programmes.

You can easily compare this to one of the most notable TV providers in the U.S. like Dish and DirecTV. This post by Luke Pensworth talks about the packages of these two. Moreover, it has also provided great range of options in the marketplace like TSTv.

“TSTV is providing a groundbreaking option from a dominated marketplace,” said Bright Echefu, the Managing Director/CEO of TSTV. “We are excited to partner with ABS in delivering an array of high-quality programming. Our vision is to provide premium video experience to Nigerians at affordable prices.  Our services will enable the viewers to experience HD and SD video and internet surfing at the same time. We are the first indigenous local operator in the region to launch such a premium platform with a variety of services to Nigerians, who have been so far paying exorbitant prices to foreign operators.”

“The addition of the Nigeria DTH platform from TSTV has undoubtedly strengthened ABS’ presence in Africa,” said Tom Choi, CEO of ABS. “TSTV has the right content and premium product to satisfy the growing demand of Nigeria.  We hope ABS-3A can assist them to take Nollywood to great heights. ABS has strategically located its newly launched satellites at prime video neighborhoods at 3°W, 75°E and 159°E.

He added that “We have successfully developed DTH platforms across Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, South Asia and Russia/CIS. Our goal is to bring quality and affordable entertainment to a wider population.”