Brand Union picks Vincent Roffers to head strategy unit

South Africa’s Brand Union has appointed Vincent Roffers as Executive Strategy Director.

Brand Union said Vincent Roffers has over a decade experience in brand strategy and client service, Roffers joins Brand Union following his tenure as a Partner at brand consultancy Lippincott and at Landor, where he served as an Associate Director of Strategy.

Over his accomplished career, he has led strategic relationships with top clients including Dell, Verizon, Accenture, AIG, Saudi Aramco and Walmart. In his new role, Roffers will not only oversee daily operations and management of teams and client relationships, but also help refine the company’s strategic approach to brand-building. He plans to strengthen the New York office’s position as a key driver of growth for the network and further develop it as a source of new thinking within the industry.

Additionally, Vincent Roffers will focus on the day-to-day professional development of strategists at Brand Union. Along with his daily responsibilities as Executive Strategy Director, Roffers has a clear goal in establishing Brand Union as a company that moves “faster and smarter” than its competitors. The brand is at a crossroads in the industry where firms have the opportunity to make quicker decisions and learn from them in order to be better and yet many agencies still operate as if they are turning a tanker ship.

According to Managing Director Christina Falzano, Roffers is an important part of Brand Union’s continuing efforts to anticipate and evolve to meet future challenges. “Vincent is an exciting addition to our leadership team, with the vision, sense of purpose and strategic experience that will help us create better models for building world-class brands,”  says Falzano. “He has the talent and enthusiasm necessary for not only fostering productive client relationships that build value, but also in building strong internal culture as well. We are thrilled to have him as part of the team and are eager to continue to forge new and exciting ways forward for Brand Union.”