YouthPreneur set to support Nigeria Entrepreneur Town Hall with Strive Masiyiwa

YouthPreneur, a group of young Nigerian entrepreneurs driven and motivated by Dr Strive Masiyiwa’s achievements in the continent have come together to support the team working on inviting the Zimbabwean businessman to a town-hall meeting in Nigeria.

Yes, the name Dr Strive Masiyiwa sure rings a bell. Strive is a UK-based Zimbabwean businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and executive chairman of diversified international telecommunications group Econet Wireless.

He is the owner of Kwese, Zimbabwean satellite and broadcasting network with its headquarter in Johannesburg, South Africa, under Econet Media. Dr Strive is scheduled to be in Nigeria in a few weeks  as part of his tour of nations including Kenya, and some other African countries.

In terms of his involvement with Nigeria, since the departure of Econet in an unceremonious fashion, he recently invested in Nigerian Basketball League with Kwese TV as official broadcasters. Mr Strive indeed believes in Nigeria as he recently made a profound statement about Nigerian youth taking center stage in the nearest future, hence, a come-back looms.

Dr Strive masiyiwa is currently on a tour of some countries which includes Nigeria, and the youth look forward to a town hall with the businessman.

Oladayo Israel, convener of YouthPreneur engaged Mr Strive on social media: Thank you for the opportunities sir. Our group the Nigeria Youthprenuer is doing a lot as a team both in preparation for the future and also your Visit.

Dr Strive: My reply,
This is amazing!
Nigeria is the awaking giant of the world.
By the turn of this century they will dominate the world in so many fields. Dr Strive Masiyiwa said.

With Dr Strive’s engagement with youths across Africa, Mr Oladayo decided to create an avenue where Nigerian youths with can come together and gain from the great works he is doing in and for Africa. A group he co-administers with Ezeigwe Jecinta Amaka and a few others.

The group’s major objective is to be submissive to his business leadership and mentorship, organize events to empower startups and encourage pitches that brings new idea that will be looked into by Dr Strive and other investors in His network.

Furthermore, it aims to develop youth entrepreneurship schemes to bring more people from the length and breath of the country in a bid to end poverty in Africa through incubation programmes and like concepts. To leverage its knowledge to empower ourselves first and then our society in different fields of study or sector as the case maybe building on strategies of people before us like Dr Strive and others.

With Dr Strive being the Mentor will be sought for mentoring of new entrepreneurs using leaders that will be trained through the platform (train a leader program for platform members and community members (I figured it will turn out to be a community of like minds).

The group also seeks an avenue where youth entrepreneurs in Nigeria will be involved with Kwese TV and it’s content.

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