Floyd Mayweather knocks out McGregor in 10th round

Floyd Mayweather has just won the most anticipated fight with McGregor Connor.

Mayweather through a technical knockout won the fight in the tenth round after the referee made the decision to stop the fight.

The fight started in a rather boring manner with Mayweather defending, a move he described as ‘studying’ McGregor’s strategies.  The first four rounds saw McGregor putting up some serious fight to get crucial points.

The fifth round down to the ninth round brought a ‘gingered’ Mayweather dominating to win crucial points with clear punches.

The 10th round was his climax. McGregor who was apparently tired was no longer throwing clear punches. Mayweather punched him across the ring in a nonstop manner and the referee has to call it a day.

Mayweather knowing he has won ran to claim the victory. He and McGregor after few minutes hugged and spoke foe few seconds.

After the match, Mayweather said at the interview session that McGregor was better than he thought although he had a game plan to study what he was up to before going on the attack.  When he was asked whether that was his last fight, he said yes and that he meant it.

McGregor in his interview session said he made Mayweather fight like ‘a Mexican’  and that the referee should not have stopped the fight.

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