Hords Limited records 94% rise in profit for q2

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Hords Limited, producers of foods supplements, Foods, Laundry starch, detergent and disinfectants and a wholly Ghanaian company is reporting 94% rise in profit to GHS106.4 million for the second quarter of the year compared to GHS54.7 million recorded in the year 2016.

The balance sheet showed that the company ended the quarter with GHS1.5 billion in contrast to GHS1.3 billion posted in the year before while costs of sales was GHS1.1 billion against GHS939.8 million in the previous year.

Gross profit for the period decreased to GHS434.9 million against GHS456.8 million in the year 2016 while operating loss was GHS9.1 million versus GHS30.0 billion in the year before.

Hords Limited said it acquired GHS4.3 billion total assets in the period in review compared to GHS3.9 billion in the year before while total liabilities was GHS558.6 million versus GHS664.9 million in the year 2016.

Company Information

Hords is an award winning brand under Hords Limited- producers of foods supplements, Foods, Laundry starch, detergent and disinfectants

HORDS Limited is a wholly Ghanaian indigenous company, registered in 1999  as a limited liability company to research, develop and produce Cereals, Detergents and other food supplements in Ghana at Kanda-Accra.  Hords add value to raw material such as cocoa, cassava, soya, and herbs  to produce food supplements, breakfast cereals  detergents and disinfectants  and laundry starch.  

In the last 12 years, HORDS has focused on researching its products and has launched Brown Gold, Soayabetix, Cocobetix, and Spray Starch as flagship brands to the market.

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