Finland begins criminal investigation into OneCoin

Pierre Arens

One year after shelving its investigations, Finland is finally investigating OneCoin on a criminal basis.

According to a local report, Österbotten’s police department is investigating financial crime that has links with the cryptovalutry of Onecoin.

The report said:

Onecoin as a phenomenon came to Ostrobothnia sometime in 2015. It was then that information evenings were commenced around the landscape at gas stations and other unofficial venues, preferably at night. The hook was as simple as it was efficient; One could become disgustingly rich without lifting especially many fingers.

Suspicions aroused against the phenomenon almost immediately, not least because the system itself behind the so-called cryptovalutan was impenetrable, incomprehensible and, moreover, impossible to verify.

Now, Österbotten’s police department has launched preliminary investigations concerning the cryptovalutane. This is the first police investigation on the cryptovalutan in Finnish land.

“There are several different criminal reports and they are all linked to Onecoin. The idea is that the separate notifications will create a crime when we are ready, says criminal commissioner Antti Perälä, who is leading the preliminary investigation and is a new leader in economic crime at the establishment in Vaasa.

OneCoin has not replied to this development officially.