Investors lose more than NGN300 million to Floral Investment scam


It appears the chicken has finally come home to roast as investors in Floral Investment have cried foul having lost millions of Naira to the Ponzi scheme. The company is basically a pyramid scheme which says it is involved in flower business.

Apparently, the scheme has eventually collapsed. However, just as most Ponzi schemes do, they never admit the obvious.

Some of their investors have taken to to make their demands known to the operators and administrators of the platform. In a petition titled ‘Floral Investment and Online Naira Pay Our money as investors’, the investor who opened the register, Mr Daniels Bamidele from Nigeria explained in details how the company floral investment and Online Naira operates with many others expressing their dissatisfaction and how much they have lost to the scheme.

Their major demands were to have a full refund of their capital Invested into this business. They also seek justice on the harm done to people in Nigeria and other African countries especially in Kenya.

One Ibrahim Afeez, Kaduna, Nigeria said ‘ I’m signing this petition because I’m a victim. I lost USD5,962.’

Another investor, Oluwaseun Adeyemi from Lagos Nigeria said , ‘I’m signing because I lost about USD4000 in this floral investment scam’.

While Mr Widi Liman from the nation’s capital, Abuja said ‘I am signing because I am a victim of this fraud and I lost USD1,250 principal capital in the scam by these two companies’

Mr Ifeanyi Okoli mention how he was unable to access his account on the platform, ‘My investment is in floral and i can’t access their site anymore.’

Below is Mr Bamidele’s petition on behalf of the purportedly scammed investors:

Floral investment claims to be a flower company. They defraud their victims by inviting them to invest in the company as shareholders and promised their investors 120% per month return on investment. They claim all funds are invested in flowers and their annual sale of flowers reaches 7.45bln euro. On their website they claimed to have been existing since 2013.
Most Nigerians got to know about floral investment from
An interview and article published on Punch website on the January 31, 2017 titled :”$1000 per day! Now this is real!”(

Another interview Chukwuekeka’s testimony dated February 27, 2017 “ “

Their website:

Floral Investment Limited Guarantee
They have also claimed to have been registered as follows
Company Number:10338594
DUNS Number: 2220161167
They is also a registration certificate on their website.

They claim to have 2,000,000 partner investors worldwide on their website
Deposit of investments and payment of dividends
The company works with such electronic payment systems as: Bitcoin, Nixmoney, AdvCash, OkPay, Payeer, Perfect Money, eCoin, BTC-e, EXMO, PAXUM.

Minimum investment amount is $100 and a maximum amount is $10,000,000.
They claim interest is calculated lifelong and will be automatically paid on the investor billing account.
They are different investment plans such as:
Tulip: Interest 1.29%/day; withdrawal: every 10 bank days; min deposit: $100; max deposit: $1000000
Rose: Interest 2.28%/day; withdrawal: every 20 bank days; min deposit: $250; max deposit: $1000000
Kadupul: Interest 4%/day; withdrawal: every 30 bank days; min deposit: $5000; max deposit: $1000000
Recently (March 29th) they stop paying investors with large deposit mostly on “Rose” and “Kadupul” plans of their dividends.
They initially claim they had a glitch. They later claim they needed all investors to get a bitcoin card if we all wanted our profit paid with ease. People applied for the cards still yet we were not paid or even give the card.
They again claimed to have problems with their banking software that they will be paying all investors their profit on the 16/05/2017. That day came and gone nothing happened.
Suddenly put up a defense indicated in the link below;
Online naira is one of their strongest payment system because they have their page on the floral website. Most Nigerians invested through the onlinenaira because investment via onlinenaira is directly made in Naira.
At a time those who invested via the online Naira started complaining to onlinenaira customer agents for nonpayment of their dividends. Due to torrential complains of the same problem to onlinenaira. Some investors whom invested on tulip plan with very little capital in the range of $40-$100 started receiving their profit in a somewhat selective manner.
Investors using other payment system never got their dividends.
An investor with Floralinvestment whom invested using “perfect money” payment system who had nothing to do with onlinnaira payment system got an email sent by onlinenaira customer care to its customers reiterating that all payments of profit will be made on 16/05/2017. Recipient of such email from onlinenaira by an investor whom had nothing to do with onlinenaira suggest that onlinenaira has access to floral investment database. Floral investment and onlinenaira may be one and the same.
All news and information regarding complains about floral investment is always gotten through onlinenaira payment system and no other payment system gives such information. This again suggest they may be one and the same.
All other payment system such as payeer, perfect money, bitcoin. Etc. has no direct account with floral investment. What I mean is that when making deposit through this payment systems, the deposit has to pass through an exchanger. Onlinenaira has a direct account with floral investment. When investing on the platform deposits are effected directly without passing through any exchanger. This again suggest onlinenaira and floral investment may be one and the same.
According to subsequent investigation and findings it was again realized that floral investment begun on the 29th August 2016 and not as stated on their website as 2013 and will be expiring on August 30th,2017.
DUNS number was noticed to be false.

Since both companies have a meeting point where they engaged on transacting initially, online naira should be constrained to provide details about the owners of Floral Investment.
We would like to request a thorough Investigation into the activities of Both Floral Investment and Online Naira.

Our Prayers:
– We want a full refund of our capital Invested into this business
– We seek justice on this harm done to people in Nigeria and other Africans
Please note that other Africans from Kenya also fell victim and this is being seen a another Nigerian Scam Act. We seek justice in bringing to book these actors

This petition will be delivered to:News Corp.
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